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Zodiac Signs Idea Of A Romantic Evening

Zodiac Signs Idea Of A Romantic Evening

Zodiac Signs Idea Of A Romantic Evening –

ARIES: Your crush shows up at your door unannounced, and says “get dressed, I’m taking you somewhere”

TAURUS: The days bleed into each other until it’s a romantic week

GEMINI: A well-planned itinerary of nonstop thoughtful surprises

CANCER: You finally invite your crush over as a gesture of trust

LEO: Your partner instructs you to relax while they cook you dinner

VIRGO: Doing trivia together and getting intellectually turned on

LIBRA: Your date brings your entire wedding Pinterest board to life

SCORPIO: Your crush’s ex comes to the party and you get to ‘win’ them

SAGITTARIUS: Taking mushrooms together and dancing in a clearing in the woods, then falling asleep together underneath the stars

CAPRICORN: Dinner at a formal restaurant with tasteful live entertainment

AQUARIUS: Showing each other your niche cultural obsessions

PISCES: Staring into each other’s eyes till you’re both moved to tears

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