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Zodiac Signs Diva Behavior

Zodiac Signs Diva behavior

Zodiac Signs Diva behavior –

ARIES: Texting their friends to like their selfies as soon as they post

TAURUS: Hogs the aux and doesn’t take requests

GEMINI: Won’t go to a party if they know someone funnier will be there

CANCER: Needs ten hours of sleep, or they can’t hang out

LEO: Expects you to give up your king-sized bed and sleep on the couch when they visit

VIRGO: Refuses to come outside if you text that you’re here instead of coming to the door

LIBRA: Turns down an apartment because of low water pressure

SCORPIO: Picks their date spots based on how flattering the lighting is

SAGITTARIUS: Won’t eat at a restaurant if it’s empty

CAPRICORN: Wardrobe is exclusively hand-wash, and dry clean

AQUARIUS: Only drinks local natural wine

PISCES: Can’t start working until their chapstick, seltzer, coffee, hand lotion, and notepad are arranged in front of them

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