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Zodiac Signs Control Freak Tendencies

Zodiac Signs Control Freak Tendencies

Zodiac Signs Control Freak Tendencies

ARIES: Always needing to have the last word in a conversation

TAURUS: Stating your opinions and preferences like they’re facts

GEMINI: “Actually, I think what they’re trying to say is…”

CANCER: Requiring home-field advantage for important convos

LEO: Planning over-the-top hangout itineraries because you want everyone to associate you with fun times

VIRGO: Hating surprises because you can’t sufficiently prepare

LIBRA: Creating idealized versions of people inside your head

SCORPIO: Strategically revealing and withholding information

SAGITTARIUS: One-upping stories to keep the conversation focused on you

CAPRICORN: Refusing to read the room to decide whether the constructive criticism you’re itching to give, is situationally appropriate

AQUARIUS: Toying with people in real-time like a puppet master

PISCES: Micromanaging your loved ones because you genuinely believe that if they suffer, you suffer too

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