Zodiac Signs At A Sleepover At Capricorn’s

Zodiac Signs At A Sleepover At Capricorns

Zodiac Signs At A Sleepover At Capricorn’s  

Aries: okay okay I think that’s enough of that game. How about we have a pillow fight?!  

Taurus: Eating popcorn, guys let’s watch a movie  

Gemini: Hey guys what are you talking about, interrupting and talking really fast.  

Cancer: Guys don’t speak so loud Capricorn’s mom gonna hear us  

Leo: Nobody sleeps, don’t you dare, Bring it on guys…Taking selfies  

Virgo: Guys shut the hell up. Also I am Kind of feeling sleepy  

Libra: Sits with Capricorn. You’re right Virgo, I need my beauty sleep. Pisces, that bird is so nice.  

Scorpio: Singing and dancing around the room  

Sagittarius: Let’s start a game of treasure hunt  

Capricorn: Guys my mom is coming act like you are asleep everyone pretends to be asleep. Mom enters

Aquarius: Where is your pets Capricorn, I have bought snacks for them.    

Pisces: Guys can we just watch the movie. Drawing and making origami birds for everyone.


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