Zodiac Signs As Type of Girlfriends

Zodiac Signs As Type of Girlfriends

Zodiac Signs As Type of Girlfriends

ARIES: Keeps it real, adventurous, not usually “lovey dovey”, don’t touch her unless she touches you first

TAURUS: Honest, will laugh at all your jokes, tries her best to support you and make you happy, she wants to be complimented all the time

GEMINI: Awkward at times, still very cute, charming, adventurous, great imagination that’s gonna come up with the best nicknames and expects you to do the same

CANCER: Makes sure you’re happy, super clingy, can be extremely cheezy but it’s cute, best cuddler ever, honest and deep love

LEO: Wild, wants to have fun, unique and intriguing personality that draws people to her, wants to be the best for you so you better compliment her daily, deep kisses and lots of fun

VIRGO: Can be super shy before she gets comfortable around you, shares all her interests and expects you to do the same, will always try to help you, lowkey the rock of the relationship

LIBRA: Flirty, romantic, gentle, spontaneous but can sometimes be insecure about herself, loves hugs and always finds excuses to makeout with her lover. SUPER CUTE!!!

SCORPIO: She’s always herself and finds people who try to copy somebody else ridiculous, tries to find activities that make both of you happy, likes surprises and mysteries, very touchy

SAGITTARIUS: Cute, uses humor to get herself out of awkward situations, likes to do coupley and cheezy things, will come up with the best date ideas, never boring

CAPRICORN: May come off as too serious when it comes to relationships but that might be just because she really craves true love and support from her partner, faithful and loyal, won’t let anyone talk shit about their partner

AQUARIUS: She’s an enigma, a puzzle that only a few can solve but honestly she only wants to be treated right, loves little surprises and long random talks at night, she likes when her lover plays with her hair, can be way too cheezy and flirty (you wouldn’t expect it)

PISCES: Super chill, expects her partner to remember every random detail from their conversations, she needs attention 24/7, funny and a sucker for lazy nights in front of the TV while making out.


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