Zodiac Signs As Parents

Zodiac Signs as Parents

Them As Parents:

Aries: Makes Mac-and-cheese burns it

Taurus: Can’t stop swearing in front of kids.

Gemini: They will not let their kid quit sports because they’re “part of a team”

Cancer: The parent everyone loves, always has kids friends around.

Leo: The “Honey! Where are my keys! I forgot the kids at the mall!”

Virgo: The parent that physically forces their kids to do homework.

Libra: The”Jane, stop f**king around and leave me alone, I’m tired”

Scorpio: The parent who buys the best food, rents the best movies and gives their kids money.

Sagittarius: Goes to yoga every day and annoys their children with facts and quotes.

Capricorn: When the kid gets a B on their test “lol loser! I could have done so much better! Suck it!”

Aquarius: Has a house with a pool. never uses it.

Pisces: The “you can smoke… you can drink… you can have sex.” “Oh, and be safe” kinda parent.


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