Zodiac Signs As Kinds Of Friends

Zodiac Signs as Kinds of Friends

Zodiac Signs As Friends

Aries: The friend who takes you out to do fun things all the time, probably the crazy friend. has a way of getting you out of your comfort zone and making you try new things.

Taurus: The friend you want by your side during a bad breakup, because they’ll listen and give you advice and never act bothered. super easy to talk to about anything.

Gemini: The friend who is a ride or die, friend, they support you even when everybody else doesn’t. they’re always your partner in crime.

Cancer: The friend who will stay up all night talking to you if you need it and give you a shoulder to cry on, they’ll remind you how important platonic love is.

Leo: The friend who cheers you on and makes you feel better about yourself every day, they probably always hype you up on your selfies, too.

Virgo: They will be the friend who teaches you lessons and tells you when you’re doing something wrong, but they only want the best for you and have pure intentions.

Libra: The friend who shows up to every game, event, party, etc. just to show their support and love for you. they silently cheer you on in everything you do and it’s so pure.

Scorpio: The friend who will stand up for you in every situation, will defend your name when you’re not around, the absolute most loyal friend you could have.

Sagittarius: The friend who will drop everything if they know you’re having a rough time. they will sit in silence for hours with you if you’re too sad to talk.

Capricorn: The friend who always wants to see you and always checks up on you, they truly care about you and will show it in how much they’re interested in you being happy.

Aquarius: The friend who always tries to plan crazy adventures, but probably doesn’t do them and ends up sitting at home with you watching Netflix.

Pisces: The mom friend, the one who takes care of you when you’ve drank too much or don’t feel well or when you’re doing the wrong thing, they’ll come up with ways to talk to you and help you.


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