Zodiac Signs And The Most To Least Stubborn (in an Argument)

Most to Least Stubborn

Zodiac Signs And The Most to Least Stubborn (in an Argument)  

Aries – No, no, you’re wrong, just shut up!

Taurus – don’t even try

Gemini – you’re wrong, what’s the point?

Cancer – they’ve got a few strong beliefs

Leo – I don’t care what you say, blah blah, can’t hear you!

Virgo – they know they’re right but will let you think you won

Libra – pledging allegiance to peace and love, as always

Scorpio – jeez

Sagittarius – hard-headed when they care enough

Capricorn – Mr. Always Knows Best

Aquarius – if they decide to be Mr. Right. THEY SIMPLY ARE

Pisces – will let you win if you scream at them!

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