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Zodiac Signs And Their Temper Tantrum

Zodiac Signs And Their Temper Tantrum

Zodiac Signs And Their Temper Tantrum

When They Get Mad At You

Aries: throws an even bigger fit when you remind them they’ve done the same thing to you in the past

Taurus: sulks as if you took away their favorite blanket

Gemini: texts back people they left on read weeks ago just to talk shit

Cancer: communicates exclusively via cabinet slamming

Leo: rehearses a monologue they’ll publicly confront you with

Virgo: puts together a PowerPoint about how you hurt them

Libra: draws a beautiful portrait of you just to dramatically tear it in half

Scorpio: crafts devastating insults based on insecurities you never even told them about

Sagittarius: “.. but more importantly, you let yourself down”

Capricorn: tells you to go screw yourself in a chilling monotone

Aquarius: goes off the grid for a month and acts like nothing happened when they come back

Pisces: silently cries while gripping your face in their hands

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