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Understanding The 12 Zodiac Signs and Their Symbolic Traits

Understanding Zodiac Signs and Their Symbolic Traits

3. Gemini – The Twins

May 21 – June 20

A symbol of prosperity, success, and high status. This sign also means – when one considers twins – one must consider their duality as much as their unity.

Flexibility, balance, and adaptability are the keywords for the Gemini. They are quick to grasp the meaning of a situation and act on it, often with positive effects. They tend to have a duality to their nature, and can sometimes be tough to predict how they will react. They can turn from hot to cold and may be prone to noticeable mood swings.

However, they are generous signs with tendencies of being affectionate, and imaginative. They also inspire others easily as they seem to naturally motivate themselves – their charisma and accomplishments are infectious. Geminians are very supportive and are especially good at promotions, sales, and driving hard bargains.

Few Noteworthy Traits

  • Connectedness
  • Sharing
  • Understanding
  • Psychic/Telepathic Bonds
  • Affinity


4. Cancer – The Crab

June 21 – July 22

Signifies prosperity, success and high status

Cancerians love home-life, family and domestic settings. They are traditionalists and enjoy operating on a fundamental . They love history and are fascinated with the beginnings of things (heraldry, ancestry, etc.). The moon is their ruler, so they can be a bit of a contradiction and sometimes moody.

However, they are conservative, so they’ll be apt to hide their moods from others altogether. They have a reputation for being fickle, but they’ll tell you that it isn’t true, and it’s not.

Cancerians make loyal, sympathetic friends. However Cancerians need alone time, and when they retreat, let them do so on their terms.

Few Noteworthy Traits

  • Cycles
  • Trust
  • Emotion
  • Protection
  • Regeneration
  • Transformation


5. Leo – The Lion

July 23 – August 22

Symbol of strength, authority, and command over subconscious thought

The zodiac signs and meanings of Leo is about expanse, power, and exuberance. Leo’s are natural-born leaders, and they will let you know it as they have a tendency to be high-minded and vocal about their opinions. That’s okay because if you observe, Leo is usually correct in his/her statements.

Leo’s has a savvy way of analyzing a situation and executing swift judgment with a beneficial outcome. It comes from being a leader. They are brave, intuitive, and also head-strong and willful. Beneath their dynamic persona lies a generous, loving, sensitive nature that they do not easily share with others.

They might be a bit bossy, but those who know them understand this comes from a source need to do good, not (usually) from an inflated ego.

Few Noteworthy Traits

  • Wisdom
  • Power
  • Royalty
  • Dignity
  • Courage
  • Justice
  • Ferocity
  • Dominion
  • Authority


6. Virgo – The Virgin

August 23 – September 22

Compassionate, caring, nurturing and extraordinarily tender-hearted

Virgo’s have keen minds and are delightful to chat with, often convincing others of outlandish tales with ease and charm. Virgo’s are inquisitive and are very skilled at drawing information from people. This trait also makes them naturally intuitive. Combine this with their remarkable memories, and we see an advanced, analytical personality.

However the Virgo needs balance in their lives otherwise they may become short-tempered, impatient, and self-serving. Virgo’s are excellent teammates in work and social activities. They work well with others, although they freely express their opinions (even when unwarranted).

Few Noteworthy Traits


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