Zodiac Signs And Their Alarming Behavior

Zodiac Signs And Their Alarming Behavior

You should be worried like hell when…

Aries: Start tapping on something.

Taurus: Start pacing back and forth and don’t want to be touched.

Gemini: You don’t hear shit from them.

Cancer: Delete you from their contact list.

Leo: Attempt to grab an object.

Virgo: Walk away then come right back.

Libra: You say something to them and they cut you off faster than someone at an auction.

Scorpio: Stare at you with their nostrils extended.

Sagittarius: Don’t want you around…period.

Capricorn: You’re speaking to them on the phone and they hang up on your ass.

Aquarius: Ignore you and act like you are nothing more than a fart in the air.

Pisces: Don’t want to hear anything except for the specific answer to the question they asked you.


Louisa Alcott

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