What’s Your Hidden Talent And Favorable Career Based On Astrology

your hidden talent and favorable career based on astrology

7. Libra (September 23rd – October 22nd)

What's Your Hidden Talent And Favorable Career Based On Astrology
What's Your Hidden Talent And Favorable Career Based On Astrology

You’re an easygoing person who hates to be put in chaos. You perform well in relaxed environments. You know how to handle situations diplomatically and you’re pretty chivalrous, sometimes to the extent of being heroic. You have a strong sense of right and wrong, you’re just and also tactful and diplomatic where needed. 

You would hate to be limited to a common cubicle job and like being in the limelight sometimes. Being naturally charming, it’s no issue for you to present yourself before the public eye. Venus being your ruling planet, you have a deep appreciation for good aesthetics.

You have good taste in design, art and creative work.

Common careers: Diplomat, counselor, judge, artist, painter, makeup artist, art dealer, architect, performer, musician, singer.

The flip side: Your fondness for beauty makes you an admirer of all types of performing arts, like music and dance. Since Venus is your ruling planet, you can be pretty vain, with all your focus on being body-pretty, and many of you will make a career out of it.

Unexpected careers: Athletes, body builders, gymnasts, personal trainers.


8. Scorpio (October 24th – November 21st)

What's Your Hidden Talent And Favorable Career Based On Astrology
What's Your Hidden Talent And Favorable Career Based On Astrology

Your general awareness is very good and you are valued as a resourceful, resolute, persevering and intuitive person. You work dedicatedly and have good insight. You have a flair for analytical thinking. Being a complex and secretive person, you are good at analyzing complicated mysteries as you can play out the situation well in the intricate mind of yours.

Considering your depth, fluffy professions like a makeup artist on Youtube and party planner somehow doesn’t fit you.

Common careers: scientist, researcher, forensic expert, investigator, actuary, writer, journalist.

The flip side: Sometimes you can behave stubbornly and be inflexible. You get all intense and want things to happen your way. Hence you aim for leadership roles and don’t like being a petty player. But if you feel that the cause is worthy, you can be a very good team player, showing immense loyalty and confidence.

Unexpected careers: Surgeon, NGO or social organization leader, police officer, orchestra conductor, choirmaster, C-suite leader.


9. Sagittarius (November 23rd – December 22nd)

What's Your Hidden Talent And Favorable Career Based On Astrology
What's Your Hidden Talent And Favorable Career Based On Astrology

Sagittarius represents the traveller. You have an inborn wanderlust and adventure-seeking soul. You are quick-witted with an ability to grasp things quickly. Sagittarians are usually interested in and good at learning about different types of world cultures and concepts.

You have a flair for learning different types of languages and journaling your life experiences. You seek a job that makes you feel excited as well as free. 9-5 desk jobs aren’t really your thing. You’re an innovative person full of big dreams and hopes.

You find it troublesome to commit to a single passion, so you can juggle multiple jobs to keep things exciting. However, a job that involves a lot of travelling is the perfect option for you. You need a profession with flexible rules because you need to do things in your own way.

You like being your own boss and letting your imagination run wild. Sometimes, you promise to deliver more than you can actually do. You speak the truth always, even if that makes you appear undiplomatic.

Common careers: App and website creator, journalist, travel agent, hotelier, actor, documentary filmmaker, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, inventor, researcher.

The flip side: When Sagittarians dream of something and visualize that in their minds, They do everything in their power to make it a reality. You have a charitable streak and support humanitarian causes; you want to do your bit for society.

Unexpected careers: Educator, psychologist, case worker, environmentalist, activist.


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