Zodiac Signs During Confrontations

Zodiac Signs During Confrontations

Zodiac Signs During Confrontations

ARIES: They are most likely to get angry before anything.

TAURUS: They will defend themselves and will try to one-up you.

GEMINI: They know sympathy is everyone’s weak spot, so they will use that to their advantage.

CANCER: Although they will get somewhat angry, they will do so by looking like they are innocent and make you look like the mean one.

LEO: Very dramatic, they will use the pity card to get everyone else to have their back. You will look like the bitch even if you were right.

VIRGO: They prefer to use intellect rather than emotions to defend themselves.

LIBRA: They believe in karma so they will most likely just avoid and ignore you.

SCORPIO: They are most likely to eat you up and shit you back out.

SAGITTARIUS: They will be a bit confused as to why you could hate them, they will tell you to get over it and then go off on their merry way.

CAPRICORN: They won’t use the pity card but they sure as hell have no time for you.

AQUARIUS: They will keep doing what they do, so they will let you just keep hating

PISCES: Most people like them because they try to be understanding, if somehow they piss someone off they will cry, not because they want to use the pity card, but because they can’t believe someone hates them that much.

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