The 12 Zodiac Couples Who Have The Most Complicated Relationships


Sagittarius is a great party guest because they’re so outgoing and friendly, and Libras respond to that. Sagittarius tend to avoid conflict like Libras; however, their way of dealing with an unpleasant situation is just to get some distance between themselves and the problem.

Sagittarius are fiercely independent which may not go so well with Libra who hates to be alone. Sagittarius can be rather straight-forward and don’t have the diplomatic skills of Libra.

Libras are too indecisive and Sagittarius too flaky for a relationship between them to last.


10. CAPRICORN & Cancer

Capricorn and Cancer share many things — both treasure their friends and family, both need a comfortable place that they can call home, and both are reliable. Capricorn is less emotional than Cancer but is always ready with a strong shoulder to help support Cancer through any emotional turmoil they may be going through.

Cancers can be emotionally needy which Capricorn doesn’t mind if it’s not required of them to be as open with their emotions as Cancer is.

Capricorns tend to be more reserved than Cancers who tend to wear their hearts on their sleeve. As long as the two can form a give and take partnership, a relationship (though not without its challenges) is doable.


11. AQUARIUS & Sagittarius

Here are two signs who love to travel, meet new people and who don’t need a traveling companion to have a good time. They both appreciate their own independent natures and their partner’s.

However, what could lead to trouble is how ultimately self-centered Sagittarius can be, especially when coupled with Aquarius’ selfless need to help people. It’s as if these two start off together but, at some point, veer off in completely different directions, only to end up in two different places.


12. PISCES & Capricorn

Pisces love to spend time dreaming and thinking about things, whereas Capricorns are much more practical than that. Pisces tend to be secretive and at times a bit sneaky which may not go over so well with Capricorn. Pisces are more easily influenced than Capricorn, so for things to work, Capricorn must not use that against the Pisces.

Pisces will always give someone the benefit of the doubt, whereas Capricorn needs evidence that change has occurred.

Pisces are much more trusting than Capricorn and have an entirely different way of looking at life and the world, which could complicate any relationship, let alone one between a Pisces and a Capricorn.

Written by Christine Schoenwald
Originally appeared in Yourtango

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