Yule and the Full Moon in Cancer – Predictions for Each Zodiac Sign


Full Moon Predictions for Capricorn:

All your important relationships, including business and life partners, friends and co-workers, but not just those, are becoming more important. Learning to rely on others, as well as finding new such people is what this Full Moon and the waning Moon period encourage you to do. As you are quite sensitive on their opinion, make sure you don’t misinterpret what they say, or do.

Also, this is a good period to build a stronger and healthier relationship with your own self. You are feeling quite confident, and this is good. Nonetheless, strengthening and healing your relationship with yourself will be a big help both for this fortnight, and for the years to come. So, do it now, when it’s easier.

Full Moon Predictions for Aquarius:

Work and money matters receive the support of this Full Moon and Waning Moon period. This happens for everyone, but those providing some sort of service, those selling high-tech gadgets and also, teachers, writers, priests and gurus will experience this influence even more vividly. Even more importantly, it’s a good period for you to decide if you are happy with your financial condition and your work, and if not, what to do to better those.

Expanding your social circle is also possible, especially so until the 1st of January. Party like events and seemingly meaningless socialising can help you both to find new friends and acquaintances and to advance in your goals. Of course, do enjoy it, as well. Finally, your intuition and spiritual abilities are quite strong, and strengthening them even more is possible.

Full Moon Predictions for Pisces:

This Full Moon and the waning Moon period help all career matters. Careers where the public opinion is important receive this beneficial influence more than the rest. Nonetheless, everyone will be benefited. You may choose to change your career, too. Sometimes forcefully so. Receive this challenge as an opportunity to advance and to become happier. Small scale changes in your work are more possible, though. Again, these changes can come under an unpleasant form, but they are good ones.

Love life receives beneficial influences. Especially for the singles. Those in a relationship can connect better and deeper with their special someone. In the same time, this is a good period to realise your goals, your dreams and what makes you happy and to act accordingly. And do act. Even if you think you can postpone your action, the Ecliptic Period is starting and the more you delay, the more difficult will be to achieve whatever you want to achieve.

Astrology and Magic of the Full Moon:

Yule and the Full Moon are creating a very magically strong period, so, all forms of magic and meditation are strong. Nonetheless, as we’ve seen, success, love, money and beauty magic are even more promising.

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Yule and the Full Moon in Cancer – Predictions for Each Zodiac Sign