Yule and the Full Moon in Cancer – Predictions for Each Zodiac Sign


Full Moon Predictions for Cancer:

This is a good period to redefine your life goals. Although this is a procedure that will end by the 2nd of April, you shouldn’t be wasting this golden opportunity, as right now, achieving some important steps towards your goals is very much possible. And if you do so, it will generate a positive and supportive cosmic energy that will help you even when more difficult times will come to pass.

Work and health can be your main focus, down to a more mundane level. Work can become quite productive. Occasionally stressful and busy, but productive and successful, nonetheless. After New Years’ this influence calms down and things are becoming more peaceful. Health receives mostly beneficial influences. If you are having any problem, expect good developments. But, overworking, overeating and excessively doing whatever unhealthy habit you may have, is also possible. Control this, for otherwise, their negative effects on your body will also be greater.

Full Moon Predictions for Leo:

This is a most joyful and pleasant Full Moon and waning Moon period for you. Love life and sex life will also be affected positively, but, watch out for misunderstandings and mistakes, including cheating, as you are prone to those, too. Of course, relationships with strong foundations won’t be affected much by this stressful influence and will experience the joyful ones more strongly. Friendships are also getting stronger, or at least, more pleasant. Work, too, receives beneficial influences. Maybe nothing too huge, but it’s a help, nonetheless.

Finally, your magical and spiritual powers are quite strong. Meditation, self understanding and realising what makes you feel whole and what you need to cut off of your life are the aspects of it that receive the most support. So does acting upon those.

Full Moon Predictions for Virgo:

Building strong foundations of joy is what this Full Moon and the waning Moon period call for. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be an all-happy period. Whatever deprives you from joy can become even more “visible” for you to understand. This is a way the Universe urge you to act. Problems in your immediate environment and your most important relationships will be the ones that will be the most demanding. Don’t take me wrong, though. For the most of it, this period is pleasant. Harmony, wherever exists will be stronger and safer, and wherever it doesn’t exist you’ll start creating it.

Money and business partnerships receive quite supportive influences. Finding new such partners, compatible to you, is very possible. Also, this is a good period to expand your social circle. If these meet your goals, do your best as soon as possible.

Full Moon Predictions for Libra:

Trade needs some attention during this period, and especially from the Full Moon, until the third quarter. Mistakes there and misunderstandings are possible. This will affect other jobs, and even your personal life, but not as strongly. Also, there may be some stress about health, but, in most cases, it’s nothing more than some stress. Of course, do take good care of your health, anyway!

Overall, though, work is good. Even for trade. Achieving new deals, finding a new job and things like those are all possible. If you are running your own business, with or without partners, this can become a very productive period. Also, this is a good period to spend with friends and making new ones. You feel more extrovert than usual and people like your company, too.

Full Moon Predictions for Scorpio:

This Full Moon and the waning Moon period concentrate on your money and belongings, quite a lot. For the most of it, in a beneficial way, too. You can expect your income to rise, some kind of bonus, or some other pleasant developments in your financial condition. In the same time, though, wrong decisions in the matter are also possible, so be extra careful. If possible, avoid any big expenses and important such decisions until after the Third Quarter.

Other than that, there is much joy in the air. Love life can be part of it, as your special someone understands you better and connects with you in a deeper level. For the singles, finding one such other half is possible. But, even more importantly, learning what really makes you happy and joyful and how you can create this joy in your life is something you can and should do. You may actually be forced to do it. This can mean, though, that something unpleasant will drive you there. So, do take the initiative.

Full Moon Predictions for Sagittarius:

This is a very important Full Moon and waning Moon period for you. You can achieve everything. From time to time you may feel discouraged. Family and those close to you can become the cause of this feeling, or they simply make it more vivid. Nonetheless, don’t let anyone and anything discourage you. Just be wise and, if you are making a significant change in your life, think twice about it. This means, though, you should be cautious. Not that you shouldn’t be doing it.

Reforming your bonds with the people you consider important is also happening. This will continue happening until early April, but now is an auspicious period to work on the matter. Also, this is a good period to support your financial condition. Luck is coming to you, when you work for it, but creating stronger foundations will lead you to a more secure future, financially speaking.