You’re Too Available And You Need Better Boundaries

Youre Too Available And You Need Better Boundaries

You’re too available and you need better boundaries.  The realization hit me as I sat in silence on the 405 freeway. Moments earlier, I’d been listening to The Tony Robbins podcast when agitation began creeping up my spine. I cannot listen to another minute of anyone talking to me, I shuddered and hit pause.  I’d been so frustrated all day. In theory, it had been a good day but I’d had a shitty attitude and I knew it. “Why do I always have to do everything? Why does it always fall on me?” I asked the silence in my car, immediately. “You need better boundaries.”  Damn. I realized. It’s true.  I always text back immediately. I always drop what I’m doing to help, no matter how busy I am. I almost always say yes.  I’m a helper by nature. A giver, a lover, a peacemaker. But when I always say yes to everyone else, I’m saying no to myself.  Always being available, bending over backward, and forgoing your own needs isn’t honorable. It’s martyrdom.  Respect yourself, love.  
-Alissa Jablonske


Louisa Alcott