When Looking Back Doesn’t Interest You Anymore, You’re Doing Something Right.

When Looking Back Doesn’t Interest You Anymor

When looking back
doesn’t interest you
anymore, you’re doing
something right.

19 thoughts on “When Looking Back Doesn’t Interest You Anymore, You’re Doing Something Right.”

  1. If someone doesn’t make you cry or being emotional when you look back, then this person is meaningless in your life. This is time that you applause for yourself because the hardest time time is over!!!

  2. oh yeah! some things are meant to be, & some are not…you imagine you liked something, you think positive, you feel good, & slowly you see things going wrong, even though you are honest & working so goddamn hard, & that’s when the paranoia sets in…you wish it never ever happened…that’s when you decide to walk out, & you don’t want to ever look back again…because it wasn’t meant to be…God always has other plans…he knows what’s best for you…

  3. I wholeheartedly disagree, as usual. It depends on why you look back, what it is that happened. People sure like to think in a very shallow way, referring to the most obvious aspects solely of phenomena. That is so easy to see.

    1. Hey, you’re back as Merve Unplotted. You told me to leave you alone, yet here you are again. Nonsense galore. I just love when people get on my posts telling me to leave them alone. It actually happens often.

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