Your Predictions for the New Week, June 03 – June 09, 2019

 June 04, 2019

Your Predictions for the New Week June 03 June 09 2019


General Predictions for the New Week

The new week begins a very powerful New Moon. Therefore, the following two weeks are drenched by this astrological and magical event. Moreover, Mercury enters cancer on Tuesday, making the way we think much more emotional and passionate.

The New Moon gives endless possibilities for all Zodiac Signs throughout the week.

The New Position of Mercury favors all Watery signs along with the Earthly ones.

Mercury enters Cancer (June 04th)

From this day on our minds loose their ability to see things objectively as thoughts and emotions create a lovely yet passionate blend. Now our hearts play a very important role in how we take decisions. Sometimes, we may neglect or ignore the obvious choice, for the most appealing or instinctive one.

Venus enters Taurus (May 15th)

One more planet adds up to the cosmic energy that’s been happening towards the earth and water signs. For this reason, you may experience a need to express your sensuality in more excessive and maybe obsessive way. We need to be satisfied and make our dreams reality through work and effort. Good news is that in Taurus, Venus feels at home. Thus, all her blessings are given freely in this world.

Mars enters Cancer (May 15th)

Not only Venus enters Taurus today, but also Mars the god of War enters Cancer. Unfortunately, this is not a good position for Mars. Therefore his fiery energies are kinda blocked by the watery environment of Cancer. Through this sign, we will experience outbursts of energy, as we cannot easily find a way to properly direct our masculine and creative energy. Please find a way to work out properly.

Uranus in Taurus

From March 06, 2019 until July 07, 2025 Uranus in Taurus will change many things in our lives including the whole Material Plane because Taurus symbolises the Earth and Ecology. See here more about this life-changing Astrological phenomenon.

Chiron leaves Pisces, enters Aries

The most energy-sensitive of us may have a feeling that something changes, or has changed. This is actually true. For about nine years now, Chiron was in Pisces examining and re-examining our deepest fears, regrets, sorrows and other wounds, since our born. (Well, unless you are over 100 years old.) Now, from Aries and until 2027 it will encourage us to move forward, heal these wounds quickly and permanently and, even, if this is what we need, to regenerate ourselves. Even if we don’t feel this change right away, we’ll see it happening in the next nine years. So, yes, something is changing. And because this subtle yet significant change happens in “the same time” with a more intense one, Sun’s change of signs, we may realize it right away.

Predictions for the new Week – Aries:

The New Week begins with people around you who may need your help or advice. At the same time, they may be the answer you’ve been searching for. Moreover, from Tuesday, you focus more on your home and your family as there may be issues which need your attention. A balancing new week in general… Your Tarot Card of the Day can reveal so much more. Check it here for free.

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