Your Predictions for the New Week, July 01 – July 07, 2019

Your Predictions for the New Week July 01 July 07 2019

General Predictions for the New Week:

Yes, you’ve got it right. Things are changing rapidly. In fact, there’s whole planetary chaos going on – which makes us humans understand how vulnerable yet how important we are.

Mars enters Leo, following Mercury. In few days Venus will enter Cancer but also Mercury will begin his retrograde course. And all of them right before a powerful Solar Eclipse!

Well… it’s real chaos! But let’s try to decipher all these weird messages, one by one!

Mars enters Leo (July 01st)

Today, a great energy shift is about to occur. Mars leaves a sign – which doesn’t suit him at all – and enters a friendlier house, Leo. No more waiting. Mars in Leo is fiery and passionate. Therefore, we expect ourselves to go after our dreams and chase opportunities which may seem impossible, just because we are driven by the fire of our hearts.

Venus enters Cancer (July 3rd) 

In only few days, Venus will enter Cancer, leaving the versatile and intellectual Gemini. So from Wednesday, Venus – goddess of Love and Beauty, will bring her blessings in our homes and families. Healing will come and help us rest and rejuvenate our bodies and souls.

Mercury enters Leo (June 26th) 

It happened last week and still affect us all. Mercury, god of communication, transportation and trading has entered a more enthusiastic sign, making our speech speedy and passionate. We think with passion, we act with passion. Therefore, for the next weeks we will enjoy a more fiery way of thinking, although Mercury is about to turn backwards in a little bit, slowing down all our plans and delaying what we expect.

Uranus in Taurus

From March 06, 2019 until July 07, 2025 Uranus in Taurus will change many things in our lives including the whole Material Plane because Taurus symbolises the Earth and Ecology. See here more about this life-changing Astrological phenomenon.

Chiron leaves Pisces, enters Aries

The most energy-sensitive of us may have a feeling that something changes, or has changed. This is actually true. For about nine years now, Chiron was in Pisces examining and re-examining our deepest fears, regrets, sorrows and other wounds, since our born. (Well, unless you are over 100 years old.) Now, from Aries and until 2027 it will encourage us to move forward, heal these wounds quickly and permanently and, even, if this is what we need, to regenerate ourselves. Even if we don’t feel this change right away, we’ll see it happening in the next nine years. So, yes, something is changing. And because this subtle yet significant change happens in “the same time” with a more intense one, Sun’s change of signs, we may realise it right away.

Predictions for the new Week – Aries:

You great and powerful governor, might Mars (Ares) enters a much friendlier sign today. This is pretty good news as the past month things got really messy with Mars in a watery and sensitive house. Now you are about to embark in happy and satisfying endeavours driven by the fire of your heart. Remember though. This is not the time to take risks. Dangers await all over. Your Tarot Card of the Day can reveal so much more. Check it here for free.