Your Predictions for the New Week, January 07 – 13, 2019

Your Predictions for the New Week, January 07 – 13, 2019

General Predictions for the New Week

Ok, we had our time to relax. Now it’s time for action! Why? Because we slowly move on to the a very interesting  and active time of the year. In fact, the new year comes with great power and great responsibilities because it comes with powerful Eclipses. But we will tell you more about it in a while. Let’s focus on this lovely new Week!

Mercury square Mars

The new Week begins with much tension and a desperate need to express what we’ve been hiding inside all along. However, it seems impossible to do so without a fight as we’ve lost our emotional balance due to the long-term suppression of our feelings. Nevertheless, if we manage to calm down and breathe, we can use this energy to solve any problems that we may face.  

Neptune square Jupiter

Illusion is the key-work to describe this planetary vibe. What shines is not always gold and this is a week to re-learn this valuable lesson. Let’s make sure we are grounded see the things not as we want to be but as they truly are. On the other hand, all this extreme energy could easily be used as a fuel for our dreams and our visualisations. Magic is in your hands!

Uranus direct since January 7th 2019

Well this is a time for celebration especially for the ones who were severely hit by the backwards move of Uranus. Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, time to see things go smoothly. 

Predictions for the new Week – Aries:

Although you feel really feisty especially in the beginning of the week we have good news for you. The effect of the planet of Changes in your Zodiac Sign will soon change. Since today, Uranus is direct and this means that the effect of this planet on your life will become helpful giving you the opportunity to finish what you’ve already started and make you feel free and mighty, again! However, for this few first days of the week, please try to manage your outbursts.  Your Tarot Card of the Day can reveal so much more. Check it here for free.

Predictions for the new Week – Taurus:

It has definitely been a very tough time especially since the dawn of 2010. This happened due to the ‘heavy effect’ of Uranus in your 12th solar house. However, what’s done is done and right now the planet of changes is about to give you all the energy you need to make progress and liberate yourself from all the troubles of the past. No more intense mood-swings no more ups and downs. Just freedom of choices.  Your Tarot Card of the Day can reveal so much more. Check it here for free.

Predictions for the new Week – Gemini:

This week finds you kinda exhausted and emotionally vulnerable. Probably something that happened in the holidays or thought during this time has deeply affected you. However, now you should try to control your emotions and maintain your spiritual balance as you rush to achieve so much in so little time. Take a breath and proceed slowly and with caution. Grounding can definitely help you. Your Tarot Card of the Day can reveal so much more. Check it here for free.

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