Your Predictions for the New Week, December 03 – 09, 2018

 December 03, 2018

Your Predictions for the New Week, December 03 – 09, 2018

General Predictions for the New Week

Such a powerful week with such good vibes have just begun! Although things start a bit difficult, it will gradually become better and all zodiac signs will be able to breathe again. Mercury stops his retrograde course on December 6th. So there you are. A difficult start with such a lovely ending. 

Venus Opposite Uranus – Changes, so many changes

The fact that Venus who rules over emotions including sensuality and material comfort is right opposite to Uranus, the planet of Changes, brings us to the edge of emotional breakdown. It feels like we’ve got so much to share and we are unable to express them in the right way. Therefore this is usually manifested as we burst out the things we hide inside. As you can understand this rarely goes well…

Mercury is Retrograde now in Scorpio (until December 06 2018)

A new Week is about to begin with a very interesting change of hearts, or maybe we should say ‘change of focus’. This playful planet is making us change our focus – again – towards our most intimate and personal thoughts and feelings. 

Mars entered Pisces & now Squares the Sun!

This is not a place for Mars as the sensitive energies of Pisces don’t really suit the fiery passion of the Red Planet. This new position along with the square with the Sun, creates emotional havoc unless we find a way to direct his overwhelming energy in the right way possible. Creativity is compromised. 

Jupiter in Sagittarius – thus beginning a new year of amazing opportunities for all!

The king of Gods, Jupiter is at his home. Therefore he feels so great about it that he blesses everyone and everything under his dominion. We are all blessed by this effect, although Sagittarius and the rest fire signs, Leo and Aries will receive more of his good magic! To learn how Jupiter in Sagittarius is going to affect you click here!

Retrograde Uranus in Aries

In fact, Uranus, after a short stay at Taurus, he returned to Aries for few more months. What has already occurred from April till November 2018, is going to soon be repeated. In fact, Uranus, just wants to make sure, that Fire signs, have learned their lessons, and made room for the benevolent influence of Jupiter! 

Predictions for the new Week – Aries:

The fact that your mighty governor is in a pretty emotional zodiac sign, messes with your head and your heart. All this power you hide inside is not expressed in a right way and this causes many troubles regarding your physical and mental health. Anxiety kicks in and your vitality is drained because it’s misused towards unworthy goals or probably drained by parasitic energies. Let go of toxic people and circumstances!   Your Tarot Card of the Day can reveal so much more. Check it here for free.

Predictions for the new Week – Taurus:

Your magnificent governor is now under pressure. Venus who is still in Libra (but not for long) receives a very tough influence from the planet of changes therefore your comfort might be compromised as well as your emotional and professional security. Why is that actually? Something in your everyday life you believe is ‘innocent’ actually messes with your energy capacity. There is still time to change it. This week, set yourself free!  Your Tarot Card of the Day can reveal so much more. Check it here for free.

Predictions for the new Week – Gemini:

Your Governor’s backwards move caused you so much frustration the past month, that you actually want to take things slowly although it feels that you don’t have enough time left. Well my dear, this is just an illusion which you actually need to dispel. Therefore, put yourself together and meditate on what is happening. Learn to breathe and extend the time in you. Time is limitless. Breathe and let go. Now, what is happening in your everyday life may actually be the problem that keeps you trapped. See the truth. Embrace the fact and alter reality with your visualisation.  Your Tarot Card of the Day can reveal so much more. Check it here for free.

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