Your Predictions for the New Week, April 15 – 21, 2019

 April 16, 2019

Your Predictions for the New Week, April 15 – 21, 2019


General Predictions for the New Week

We’ve probably felt the backward move of Jupiter. The King of the Gods requests a different approach from us. Already our plans and our goals have been slowed down. However, it’s not only Jupiter who started his retrograde course. Let me remind you that this summer may feel a lot like the previous one. Well, we will try to guide you through it. Till then, the most significant astrological events of this week is that Mercury enters Aries and we have a Full Moon on Friday.

In a pretty tense Planetary alignment, Mercury leaves Pisces and enters Aries to help become mentally and physically ready for what’s about to come.  This Full Moon feels like an awakening. And Awakening doesn’t always go as planned.

Let’s see here more important astrological aspects of the week.

Mercury in Aries

The new position of Mercury favors all the fiery signs (and the airy ones) and helps their mind work in a more intense and creative way. Moreover, Mercury in Aries helps us all become more awakened and interact better with any issues that we may face in this Realm.

Uranus in Taurus

From March 06, 2019 until July 07, 2025 Uranus in Taurus will change many things in our lives including the whole Material Plane because Taurus symbolises the Earth and Ecology. See here more about this life-changing Astrological phenomenon.

Mercury Direct since March 28 – but there are still some peculiar leftovers…

On Tuesday, March 05th at 18:19 UT Mercury stopped at the very edge of Pisces, in order to turn retrograde. Many of us have already had a glimpse (or many more glimpses than just one) of this upcoming event. Those born under the sighs of Pisces, Virgo and then the rest of the zodiacs of Water and Earth, probably, felt it more clearly than the rest. The process is going to be long – for the entire month – although most of us have already felt the influence of March’s Retrograde Mercury. See more how Retrograde Mercury affects your Zodiac Sign in a detailed article here.

Venus in enters Pisces – March 26

This is another powerful influence of the Week. As Venus has blessed our internet affair and our global communication, now it’s time to go deeper and heal our very souls. In fact

Mars in Gemini

The new position of Mars will empower the Air and Fire signs and help them bring out the most playful and assertive side of your personality. Of course, it will make your days and nights brighter as you will search for ways to direct all this excessive energy.

Chiron leaves Pisces, enters Aries

The most energy-sensitive of us may have a feeling that something changes, or has changed. This is actually true. For about nine years now, Chiron was in Pisces examining and re-examining our deepest fears, regrets, sorrows, and other wounds, since our born. (Well, unless you are over 100 years old.) Now, from Aries and until 2027 it will encourage us to move forward, heal these wounds quickly and permanently and, even, if this is what we need, to regenerate ourselves. Even if we don’t feel this change right away, we’ll see it happening in the next nine years. So, yes, something is changing. And because this subtle yet significant change happens in “the same time” with a more intense one, Sun’s change of signs, we may realize it right away.

Predictions for the new Week – Aries:

Happy Birthday! This is a good and interesting week for you dear Aries. And all sum up with three words. Mercury in Aries! Well, the new position of the God of Communication and all intellect, enters your Zodiac Sign, ending the time for retrospection and mood intense swings. Although the previous months had something really valuable to teach you, now it’s time to get up and resume with your dreams. Your Tarot Card of the Day can reveal so much more. Check it here for free.

Predictions for the new Week – Taurus:

Happy Birthday! Already some of you feel it coming as the Sun approaches your Zodiac Sign. This helped you a lot, shedding some light and hope in your emotions and your deepest desires. You already feel it coming, don’t you. I’m pretty sure you do my dear, and now that the Sun is ready to enter you Sign you will feel the Light shining stronger in you.  Your Tarot Card of the Day can reveal so much more. Check it here for free.

Predictions for the new Week – Gemini:

The new week finds you ready to turn your focus towards a more fun target. It’s been 2-3 months now that you’ve directed most of your energy to your career and your professional life. This week will help you broaden your horizons and expand your social circles. Moreover, you will have the chance to feel inspired and notice that your mind works in a bright new way. Your Tarot Card of the Day can reveal so much more. Check it here for free.


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