Your Predictions for the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Cancer – 02 July 2019



Solar Eclipse Predictions for Scorpio:

This Solar Eclipse, although not very harsh on you, can challenge your psych quite noticeable. Your self-confidence and self-esteem are challenged, or they are challenged more, as other planetary aspects have started challenging them even since the previous month. Giving up is not what the Universe and the Eclipse are asking from you. They are expecting you to strengthen these qualities. And, do so, because the coming Lunar Eclipse will be more difficult, for you. Reducing your schedule, relaxing as much as possible, and meditating can help you a lot.

Travelling is not auspicious during the Ecliptic period, and even less so under the influences of this Solar Eclipse, on you. If you need to travel, and especially abroad, try to at least avoid the days of the Eclipses. Career can also have some shake-ups and changes, minor or major, can happen there, or you should be making them. If so, though, make them after careful consideration.

Solar Eclipse Predictions for Sagittarius:

In general, we suggest against travelling during an Ecliptic period, and this is even more true for you, for this Ecliptic period. Paradoxically, opportunities for travelling can appear, and maybe more than just a few. If you do have to travel, do it as carefully as possible and prepare for the trip as better as you can.

Other than that, this Solar Eclipse is mostly affecting you inwardly. Your thinking, your philosophy, your relationship with the divine and with death may need some refinement or reassurance they are correct. Events may provoke this procedure, but it can also happen without external causes. Also, some kind of cleansing can happen in your home and your life. You get rid of what you don’t need any more. How willingly will do this may define how easy going or not this period will be, for you. Your Predictions for the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Cancer – 02 July 2019Your Predictions for the New Moon an

Solar Eclipse Predictions for Capricorn:

This Solar Eclipse is affecting you in a more intense way that it affects most, so it’s a good strategy to take things easy, and make sure you have enough time to rest, calm and relax. Love life receives much of the focus of this Eclipse and not a pleasant focus, for the most of it, at least. Existing relationships can face some challenges, both because of problems in the relationship, and because of problems in the life of your other half. Business partnerships can follow a similar pattern.

Your mood and emotional condition also receive much stress. Pessimism, depression and thoughts of a similar nature can trouble you. Do keep in mind, though, that by these unpleasant means, the stars are trying to teach you to enjoy life more, and also, to remind you of what is really important to you and what is not.