Your Predictions for the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Cancer – 02 July 2019



Solar Eclipse Predictions for Cancer:

Both this Solar Eclipse and the coming Lunar Eclipse are stressing you, quite a bit, as they are happening in your axis. The Solar Eclipse has both the Moon and the Sun in your zodiac, so, probably will affect you a bit more strongly. Money and money matters receive much stress. Probably more than the situations call for. Changing your mindset about your finances to a more optimistic one (which is probably a more realistic one, too) can help you, both to relief some stress, and to see how you can better your financial situation. In fact, this Solar Eclipse can actually give you the power to make your finances much, much better.

The most difficult part can very well be the stress the Eclipse puts on your psyche. Who are you? What are you doing with your life? Questions like these can occur and they’ll be demanding answers. Even if this sounds easy, it can be quite an unpleasant experience, and a bad mood can easily affect all aspects of your life. So, do support yourself and pay attention to yourself.

Solar Eclipse Predictions for Leo:

The Solar Eclipse can cause some unsettlement in your work environment. Changes of jobs is also possible, by choice, or by force. Hiring personnel needs extra care, too. Unwise, or unlucky decisions on that matter are possible. In fact, avoid it, during this period, if you can. The coming Lunar Eclipse doesn’t affect, that, so you don’t need to postpone it for too long. Money can also be stressful, although not too much so.

Health needs some attention. Some changes in your health habits may be helpful, but don’t make dramatic changes, unless your doctor suggests them. Changes in appearance, though, are promoted by the Solar Eclipse. They may need some time to be completed, but starting now – even scheduling them now – is auspicious.

Solar Eclipse Predictions for Virgo:

This Solar Eclipse doesn’t affect you much, directly, so you are one of the lucky zodiacs of this Ecliptic Period. Nonetheless, being more patient, and resting and relaxing a bit more, can help you a lot. Friends and friendships will be under the microscope if you permit the expression. Problems in those relationships will become more obvious, some of these relationships may end and, also, some of your friends may need some more support from you. My advice is, act wisely to strengthen the friendships that count and leave the unhealthy ones to end, without much of a fight – or without one, even better.

Indirectly, children, parents and teachers, including spiritual ones, can face some problems and challenges and this may affect your daily life and your mood. What is up to you is, of course, to support your mood.


Solar Eclipse Predictions for Libra:

Both this Solar Eclipse and the coming Lunar Eclipse will affect you greatly. Most importantly, both these Eclipses will be stressing your health, so do take good care of yourself and your health. The heart, the kidneys and the feet seem to be the most sensitive, so if you already have a problem there or a tendency for one, pay some extra attention. Resting properly, relaxing enough and keeping a healthy diet can help, of course. So, do your best to help yourself and ask for the help of a health care specialist whenever you need it.

Other than that, there is some stress in your work and career matters, and some in your friendships. In most cases, good, calm handling can be what you need. Even if it’s not enough, it will save you from more problems. Finally, computers, phones and the like can malfunction and they may need some repairs or changes. As usually in such cases, postpone these changes, for after the 1st of August, or at least after the 25th of July, if, of course, this is possible.