Your Predictions for the Full Moon in Sagittarius – 17 June 2019


Full Moon Predictions for Scorpio:

Travelling receives some stress, but it’s mostly auspicious. Things won’t be getting any better, regarding it, as the influences of the Ecliptic become stronger and stronger and Mercury will be turning retrograde. Therefore, if you want to travel, and especially for work and business reasons, do travel now. Be careful. Be well prepared, but do travel. Love life also receives mostly supporting influences. Finding a new love receives more blessings. Also, magic to find new love, new friends, or other people you need can have promising results.

Money, though, needs some attention and wise handling. Gaining it becomes more difficult while spending it can become overwhelmingly easy. Be careful. Also, trade can have some more difficulties than usual.

Full Moon Predictions for Sagittarius:

Sexual energy is quite strong during this waning Moon period and, along with it, your seductiveness, your self-confidence and your magnetism. Use these qualities, wisely, to help you achieve whatever you want and need to achieve, but be careful. Becoming overconfident and unwisely risky is also possible. And that’s especially true concerning money and the spending of it. Work and your income, though, receive mostly beneficial influences, so if you overcome your tendency to overspend, you won’t be facing major financial problems, because of this Full Moon’s and this waning Moon period’s influences. Health also receives supporting and healing energies.

Your personal relationships can cause you some stress. This will affect all kinds of relationships, including family, your spouse or current love and your close friends. Open your ears, open your mind and keep your mouth on a tight rein to avoid unnecessary conflict and problems. Nonetheless, if after careful consideration you need to speak up, do speak up.

Full Moon Predictions for Capricorn:

Love life is one of the main focuses of this Full Moon and this waning Moon period for you. Furthermore, contrary to most of the rest zodiacs, for you, these influences are almost purely beneficial and supporting. Solving problems in your current relationship, making it happier, enjoying it more, or finding a new relationship, if you are searching for one, are all possible. The “solving problems” part, though, may come after an intensification of the existing problems. Social life also receives mostly beneficial influences, but there is some stress on it, as well.

Work can become quite stressful. Your colleagues, partners, etc., may think you are not doing well enough, while you are doing your best, too, or they may be expecting you’ll do even more than you can possibly do. Handle them wisely and courageously. Also, health needs some attention, and relaxing and resting properly is highly advisable.

Full Moon Predictions for Aquarius:

Health receives some stress from the Full Moon and the waning Moon period. At least during the fist half of it. In the same time, though, healing and strengthening your health are also traits of the period, and these traits are strong enough, until the end of it. Also, health issues of a family member receive some healing energies. Work seems to put you in a considerable amount of stress, but it proceeds as it should. Better, too, wherever this is applicable. Finding a new job is possible.

Although money and your income receive some helpful and supportive influences, expenses can easily go out of control. Do your best to avoid that. Love isn’t really bad, during this period, but it’s not any lucky, either. Finding a new love is difficult, and keeping a pleasant balance in an existing one can call for some conscious effort.