Your Predictions for the Full Moon in Libra – 19 April 2019

Your Predictions for the Full Moon in Libra – 19 April 2019


General Predictions for the Full Moon in Libra:

On the 19th of April, at 11:13 UT the Moon from Libra accurately opposes the Sun in Aries, forming the Full Moon.

Right after the moment of the Full Moon, a short void of course Moon period starts, which lasts until 12:41. This, along with the already Retrograde Jupiter, the stationary Pluto and the almost stationary Saturn – as both planets are getting ready to turn into retrograde motion, and they will do so during this waning Moon period – is an omen we should stop and re-think, re-examine, re-evaluate and re-organize ourselves, our lives, ideas, decisions, actions, past, and everything. This Universal advice we should not take lightly. One, two and, then, three retrograde planets are much easier to work with than six, or six and an Ecliptic Period, situations we are going to face soon enough.

So, yes, two more planets are turning into retrograde motion during this waning Moon period. Pluto will do so on the 24th of April, while Saturn will do so on the 30th of the month.

Sun is changing its zodiac sign less than a day after the moment of the Full Moon, on the 20th of April, entering Taurus. Venus will be entering Aries the very same day. Along with Mercury that has just changed its zodiac, this is a considerably great shift of energies. This, alone, is not a bad thing, of course. Nonetheless, it can cause us some extra stress, for these changes encourage us to change, while the retrograde planets demand from us to slow down our pace.

Inauspicious Aspects:

Mars from Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces. This will be accurate on the 27th of April, but it has started affecting us considerably, and the aspect will be active until ten days after the New Moon. This can cause an internal fight, as we are, indeed, fighting against ourselves and our emotions. In the same time, it can put some stress on our emotional relationships. This includes both romantic ones and all the rest. The strongest emotions that connect us with the other party, the greatest stress this aspect will put on that particular relationship. Pluto turning retrograde can make this even worse as negative feelings from the past can resurface and influence our present and our judgment.

Mercury from Aries squares Saturn in Capricorn. This aspect will become accurate on the 1st of May when Saturn will have just turned into retrograde motion, but its influence starts on the 25th of April and will last until the 7th of May when Mercury will enter Taurus. Our flexibility – bodily, mental and emotional alike – is reduced and so do our diplomatic abilities. And when Saturn will be in retrograde motion, things will be even more difficult.

Mercury also affects, via a square, Pluto. This aspect becomes accurate on the 2nd of May, but it starts affecting us on the 23rd of April and will keep on affecting us until 9thof May. This will strengthen our negative outlook, which we should not let happen. Furthermore, all forms of healing and health treatment receive some stress. If you don’t need an operation, better postpone it until after the 9th of May. If you need it, then, by all means, have it, just prepare yourself for a slower recovery.

Metaphysically, these two squares (and keep in mind that Pluto and Saturn are in constant conjunction) can slow down our spiritual development and the results of our magical spells. Nonetheless, there is much power flowing in our spiritual development. Too much for us to handle easily, but, if we overcome this obstacle, we can create miracles. BUT! This is no time for those without prior experience, and an excessive one, to start practicing spirit summoning and communication with the other worlds. In addition, ill omens can come our way, but not all of them will be real ones. Our dreams can play a role to this, too.

Auspicious Aspects:

But Mercury and Mars don’t cause only problems. They are forming a hexagon. This hexagon will be accurate on the first of May, but it’s started being active the day before the Full Moon and will conditioning being active until the 10th of May. This aspect activates our enthusiasm, self-motivation, inspiration, and determination to act. Some times, irresponsibly so. It also can undo the clouding of our mind and mood, especially when either planet – or both – receive support by the Moon.

Also, Mercury forms a triangle with the Retrograde Jupiter in Sagittarius. This triangle will become accurate on the 3rd of May, the eve of the New Moon. It will be active, though, since the 27th of April and until the 9th of May. This triangle can help us evolve, personally and professionally, usually by returning to all methods and tactics and polishing them, as well as by re-examining our situation and finding better ways to deal with it. Re-awakening projects we have abandoned can also happen or offers we have received and thought we have lost the opportunity to grab, may reappear.


In a few words, this will be a difficult Full Moon and waning Moon period. Supporting ourselves, healing our past, and encouraging ourselves to keep on moving, thoughtfully, carefully and wisely, but moving on, nonetheless, can help us achieve some progress. A considerable one, probably, but a significant one, most certainly.

Full Moon Predictions for Aries:

There is much energy in your zodiac for good and ill, but mostly for good. Your ruler in harmonious cooperation with Mercury in your zodiac gives the beneficial influences a greater strength. Your social life becomes more active and usually in a good way. Some stress and problems in your social interactions, though, can appear, especially when Mercury or Neptune receives stress from the Moon. Studies, artistic creativity and those who make a living from art, whether they are artists or not, receive much support, too.

Other kinds of work and business receive more stress, though. They, too, can be productive, and even profitable, but the stress can become much more. Overwhelmingly so, at times. Nonetheless, don’t lose hope and, even more importantly, keep your focus on whatever you want to achieve as distractions will be all over the place.

Full Moon Predictions for Taurus:

Although this Full Moon and this waning Moon period don’t support magic and spirituality, in your case, things are different. You magical and spiritual powers are quite strong and effective. Furthermore, as Jupiter directly affects this field, significant progress can easily happen, usually by reawakening old abilities, or methods, but not only by such means. Furthermore, your creativity, your imagination, your sexual imagination even more so, and your intuition about money and other practical matters are quite strong.

On the downside, your stress and tendency on depression are also strong. Support yourself the best you can. Money can also become a cause of stress. Unexpected expenses, unwise ones and some difficulties in your usual sources of income can occur. If you are in a relationship, your other half’s finances may also be in a worse condition than usual.