Your Predictions for the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn – 16 July 2019

 July 16, 2019

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn 16 July 2019


General Predictions for the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn:

On July the 16th, at 21:38UT the Moon from Capricorn accurately opposes the Sun in Cancer, forming the Full Moon. This FullMoon is also a Partial Lunar Eclipse, and the second and last Lunar Eclipse of the year.

The whole phenomenon of the Lunar Eclipse will last about five and a half hours, from 18:43 UT to 03:17 UT of the 17th. Earth though will be casting its shadow from 20:01UT until 22:59 UTMost of Australia, Asia, Europe, and Southern American Continents will see at least part of the phenomenon.

The Sun is in almost precise opposition to the Retrograde Pluto (it was precise on the 14th), and the Moon will be in precise conjunction with it moments before the Penumbra starts covering the Moon. Therefore, Pluto is heavily affected by the Eclipse. This can bring or has already done so, encounters with death, thoughts of it and similar situations, as well as a more intense, but not necessarily pleasant, contact with other planes. Also, psychological conditions can act up significantly and need more care and attention. Drug and substance addictions, too. On the good news, Plutonian magic, such as perfumes, oils, philters, potions, and charms, receives much power, too.

During the waning fortnight, Mercury returns to Cancer, on the 19th, and the Sun enters Leo, on the 23rd. Venus, too, will be entering Leo, just a few days before the New Moon, on the 28th. The second half of the waning Moon Mercury will be much slower, which can cause more delays and problems, but it’s also good new. Indeed, the Retrograde Mercury will be turning back into direct motion the day of the New Moon, August the 1st. So, yes, be a little patient and in just a few days, both the influences of the Ecliptic Period and the Retrograde Mercury will be vanishing.

During the period we have some strong stressful, long lasting, aspects, but we also have some beneficial ones. The best thing is that Mars from Leo empowers Jupiter in Sagittarius. This will affect the whole period (and half of the coming waxing Moon period) and will give us much energy to support our goals. So, difficulties will be present, but determination will overcome them. The same aspect though can empower Mars’ negative aspects and make us restless, careless, irritable, and other such things, so do use the excessive Fire wisely, to avoid the negative effects.

Venus also is quite active, for good and ill. This means, health, arts, beauty and love life play a significant role in our lives during this period and they are active. Problems in such fields become stronger and more intense (but healing them is also possible); problematic situations and relationships can end (not pleasantly, most probably). Good situations and relationships, though, will become stronger and better, even if this happens with some stress.

So, overall, this is a difficult Eclipse, but, just like with the previous Solar Eclipse, we’ve seen worse ones, too. So, do take good care of your health, be on alert for accidents and keep a positive outlook – even if you need to force it – and things will be much easier and much better.

Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Aries:

Just like the Solar Eclipse, this Lunar Eclipse puts much stress on your health, both physical and emotional, so do take good care of yourself. Resting, as much as possible, relaxing, as much as possible and reducing your schedule and obligations, will surely help you.

Home and family aren’t peaceful either. Work and career though can be even more stressful. Changes there can take place and they aren’t always desirable ones. Problems with bosses and all kinds of authority figures can also appear. In many cases because of problems in their personal lives, but these problems, through them, affect and stress you, too. There may also be some fear regarding the stability of your work position or career.

Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Taurus:

Siblings, sibling figures, close friends as well as money can keep on stressing you under the influences of this Lunar Eclipse. In cases, more intensively so than under the influences of the previous Solar Eclipse. This, most probably, happens, though, because your mind is more tired and troubled, now. Students and studies, both academic and spiritual can also have their challenges.

Love life, too, can become stressful. Existing relationships get tested and loneliness can be overwhelming, in times, for those not in a relationship. Healing your love relationship, or the idea of the right love relationship, as well as acting in ways to achieve this ideal are things that this Lunar Eclipse ignites, although the procedure will last until the next Ecliptic period, in December.

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