Just Because Your Past Didn’t Work Out

Just Because Your Past Didn't Work Out

Just because
the past didn’t turn out
like you wanted it to,
doesn’t mean
the future can’t be better
than you
ever imagined.

-Ziad K. Abdelnour


24 thoughts on “Just Because Your Past Didn’t Work Out”

  1. But the past it's never a friend, it stops you from been the best 'you' in your future, it gives you fears. Some people might find encourage from the past, but it is really hard, this quote gives me hope, makes me dream, but i'm between of what i want and what i've lived.

    1. Because we never know what is going to happen in the future–live in the present moment and hope each moment gets better–then future will always keep getting better without planning it out.

    2. I used to always keep reliving my past -good times and bad–wasting my brain on something in past–then I started trying to plan out my future–then my husband passed away and that changed everything, Went back to school and now I finally realize after 20 years of schooling how stupid I was trying to plan on stuff. For these reasons I now have a new outlook on life and am much happier.

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