What Each Zodiac Sign Absolutely Wants & Needs In A Partner

What Each Zodiac Sign Absolutely Wants & Needs In A Partner


8. Scorpio

Someone who deserves their trust.

If you wish to enter a relationship with a Scorpio, be warned that it will take them a while to let their guard down. Scorpios have known pain and heartbreak before and even if they haven’t, they are by nature guarded and cautious when it comes to people. So first and foremost, you need to prove to them that they can place their trust in you and only then will they let themselves confide in you.


9. Sagittarius

Someone who is adventurous, witty, and intellectual.

A Sagittarius needs someone they can look up to, not only for their wit and wisdom but also for their dependability. They are more often than not feeling a little bit lost so they need to be given comfort and assurance. The sign has an affinity for the fire which makes them seem quick-tempered and rough but they are in reality soft-hearted. Their partners will have to help them find stability and balance while keeping things interesting.


10. Capricorn

Someone industrious but fun-loving.

Capricorns are a little old-fashioned in the sense that they really look up to those who are determined and do hard work. They look for partners who have a good work ethic but who can also help them break away from their addiction to work. As their partner, you’ll need to get them to relax and have fun every now and then. They also tend to be a little closed off and need help expressing their feelings.


11. Aquarius

Someone who can capture their interest.

An Aquarius is usually a very quirky mixture of different characteristics and can be quite hard to figure out. They’re attracted to profound discussions but aren’t very willing to open up. They are adventurous and always hunting for their next adrenaline rush. Aquarius is big-hearted and has much to offer by way of affection and care but it is hard for them to show this to others. They dislike having to settle down so if they are willing to do this for you, you know you’re the one.


12. Pisces

Someone who can give them romance

Pisces is the sign which will fall head over heels for you if you turn up outside their window at midnight with a boombox playing some ultra-romantic song. They love old-fashioned romantic gestures and love partners who can come up with creative ways of showing them they care. They will also look at a partner who can help them reach their goals, and who are willing to be vulnerable with them.

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