Your Lucky Flower based on Your Zodiac Sign


Pisces: Water, Ruled by Neptune

Born on February 19th – 29th. First Decan: 0-10 degrees, ruled by Neptune


Your Lucky Flower, was most respected by fishermen due to its formidable property to confuse and paralyze fish. The root was placed on the nets to ensure a good catch and therefore was greatly appreciated. The dried Mullein was also known as ‘Graveyard’s Dust’. When placed in a glass bowl and filled with water from a spring would help greatly with divination bringing forth visions.


Born on March 1st – 10th. Second Decan: 10-20 degrees, ruled by Moon

Water Lily

This amazing flower is an aquatic plant which grows in ponds, lakes and still waters. It is associated with Neptune and the Moon. Ancient priests and priestesses prepared magical potions from your lucky flower in order to travel the other Realms and contact magical entities. It is adored by water Nymphs.


Born on March 11th – 20th. Third Decan: 20-30 degrees, ruled by Pluto


One of the most magical herbs, Violets, are sacred to the Fairy people and are attracted to them instantly. These odorous flowers radiate beauty and magic. Old Witches used to burn dried violets on Friday to summon the Fairies and the Elves. Your Lucky Flower attracts fairies and nymphs and is associated with Death and Rebirth. It is a key to other realms.

Originally appeared on Magical Recipes Online

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Your Lucky Flower based on Your Zodiac Sign