Your Lucky Flower based on Your Zodiac Sign



Born on September 14th – 22nd. Third Decan, 20-30 degrees, ruled by Venus:


Chrysanthemum is associated with Autumn and the Autumnal Equinox. Your lucky flower is believed to help you attune with your ancestors and receive wisdom from the above. Moreover, it protects and blesses the home. It can be used in banishing rituals or even worn to repel negative entities and the dark arts.

Libra: Air, Ruled by Venus

Born on September 23rd – October 3rd. First Decan, 0-10 degrees, ruled by Venus:


In Greek religion, Narcissus was a hunter from Thespiae in Boeotia who was known for his beauty. He was the son of the river god Cephissus and nymph Liriope. He was extremely arrogant and self-centered. Nemesis punished him for that. However the Gods, restored his beauty into this amazing – and very popular – flower. Narcissus is believed to aid in dreams and help us achieve a healthy lifestyle. Worn in breast pocket attracts good luck for all day.

Born on October 4th – 13th. Second Decan, 10° – 20°, 10-20 degrees, ruled by Uranus:


This stunning flower is associated with both Venus and Uranus. Moreover, it helps us conjure magical powers and enhance our talents. Magnolia is a blessing especially if the flowers are silently cut at night. Witches use dried magnolias to bring forth Love and affection. It balances heart chakra, banishes sadness and help us open to Love.


Born on October 14th – 23rd. Third Decan, 20-30 degrees, ruled by Mercury:


This is a classic Fae plant as it attracts winged nature creatures. One of it amazing alleged abilities is that one who wears or carries a bluebell is compelled to speak the truth (probably because fairies make him/her). Bluebells are used in dream pillows to aid in prophetic dreams and banish nightmares.

Scorpio: Water, Ruled by Pluto

Born on October 24th – November 2nd. First Decan: 0-10 degrees, ruled by Pluto


As you are the most passionate Zodiac Sign, your lucky flower is believed to be the most passionate of all. It is also known as the Flower of Lust. Hibiscus attracts love and affection. It helps us experience the most passionate sides of ourselves and pushes us to overcome our fears. Moreover, it intensifies our psychic powers and opens our ‘third eye’.


Born on November 3rd – 12th. Second Decan: 10-20 degrees, ruled by Neptune


Sacred to Archangels, this amazing herb attracts positive vibes. It is used in magic against all demons and all the suffering they bring. Angelica is one of the most powerful herbs in magic. Hence it’s a perfect match for Scorpio.


Born on November 13th – 22nd. The Third Decan:20-30 degrees, ruled by Moon


This enchanting scent is believed to mesmerize everyone. Moreover, it is helped to overcome difficulties and shut down fears and anxiety. It brings out the happy side of ourselves and banishes depression. Moreover, it cures the heart chakra. Therefore, you lucky flower attracts love and friends.

Sagittarius, Fire, Ruled by Jupiter

Born on November 23rd – December 2nd. First Decan, 0-10 degrees, ruled by Jupiter:


This is one of the most amazing flowers Mother Nature brought us. It is believed that these flowers can make it through even in the hardest times. Dandelions possess so much good magic that even the Darkest arts cannot bend their power. Moreover, this magical flower can help you strengthen your magical powers and psychic visions. Make a wish and blow the seeds off a dandelion flower!


Born on December 3rd – 12th. Second Decan, 10-20 degrees, ruled by Mars:


It is considered to be one of the most powerful flowers with very intense energy. Moreover, it was once worn by witches to prevent untimely death on the scaffold. The energy of the flower could help the Witches succeed. Modern Witches use Carnation to increase their powers or when extra magic is needed. Carnation acts like a catalyst for many spells.


Born on December 13th – 21st. Third Decan 20-30 degrees, ruled by Sun:


The name itself implies its influence from the God of Sun and Magic, Apollo. This amazing herb is believed to bring good luck and success. Carrying a Peony Root is believed to attract good Luck. It is loved by many traditions who associate it with general happiness and abundance. Worn by women, it helps them banish incubi (male vampiric entities).