Life Line: Your Fate is Written In Your Hands

5. A Short & Thin Life Line:

short and thin life line

This person has the ability to weight his/her life”s demands and knows what to chose. This person probably has the wisdom to stop when his/her energy levels are depleted.


6. A Broken Life Line:

broken life line

The broken Life Line is an indicator of sudden change in one”s life. It shows that it”s very possible to flee (escape) from certain situations in Life. It may show that this individual may start a completely different Life when he/she grows older.


7. A Multiple Life Line:

If you have multiple life Lines (two, three etc) it means that you got great levels of Vital Energy. It may also mean that it is likely to attract your soul mate, the one who magically completes you.

Moreover, a multiple Life Line is a “spy indicator”. This means that this individual may have a secret life!


8. A Chained Life Line:

chained life line

A Chained Life Line is an indicator that your Vital energy does not run smoothly in and all over you. You have read that it is an indicator of poor health but this is not the case. It just means that you got energy blockages which you need to soothe in order to obtain a healthier body with less anxiety.


9. A Life Line with an Island:

life line with an island

A circular formation in between the Life Line indicates that at some point of this individual”s life, s/he is going to encounter a very challenging time.

Whether this is going to be a need for isolation, or a health issue or even maybe imprisonment depends on other signs. The important thing to understand is that this island talk about confinement.

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