Your Horoscope for the New Week, September 16 – September 22, 2019

Your Horoscope for the New Week September 16 September 22

General Predictions for the New Week:

After the Harvest Full Moon, things seem that have completed a circle and are about to embark on new adventures. However, there is still some time left, echoing the chaos of the Summer. Now, gradually we will feel that what was holding us back has less power. A leap of faith is needed and the brand new goal.

On Wednesday 18th, Saturn will stop his retrograde course.

Saturn goes direct (September 18th)

This is probably the most exciting news. After a while, Pluto, who is also retrograde in Capricorn, will turn direct too. Therefore, these ‘heavy’ planets will cease to affect us in this way and gradually help us overcome our problems – which may have started in Spring.

Major Energy Shift (September 14th)

This is probably the most exciting news of the Week. At the same day, three major astrological events will take place. The Harvest Moon will coincide with Mercury and Venus entering Libra. This is a cosmic shift away from the Element of Earth. After all, this has been a nurturing time for all of us who’ve been through hell.

Mars enters Virgo (August 18th)

Since yesterday a major energy shift is coming towards us. Mars the fiery & brave god of war is actually leaving Leo for Virgo. This changes almost everything in our hearts. Therefore, we choose a more creative way to express ourselves – and sometimes we try to conceal our real feelings in order to be more politically correct.

Uranus Retrograde (August 11 – January 10 2020)

A 5-month period of intense changes, all echoing our karma and past lives. This is a time when the Universe talks to us. Pay attention to omens and synchronicities.

Uranus in Taurus

From March 06, 2019 until July 07, 2025 Uranus in Taurus will change many things in our lives including the whole Material Plane because Taurus symbolizes the Earth and Ecology. See here more about this life-changing Astrological phenomenon.

Chiron leaves Pisces, enters Aries

The most energy-sensitive of us may have a feeling that something changes, or has changed. This is actually true. For about nine years now, Chiron was in Pisces examining and re-examining our deepest fears, regrets, sorrows, and other wounds, since our born. (Well, unless you are over 100 years old.) Now, from Aries and until 2027 it will encourage us to move forward, heal these wounds quickly and permanently and, even, if this is what we need, to regenerate ourselves. Even if we don’t feel this change right away, we’ll see it happening in the next nine years. So, yes, something is changing. And because this subtle yet significant change happens in “the same time” with a more intense one, Sun’s change of signs, we may realize it right away.


Predictions for the new Week – Aries:

Since April 2019, your professional life started to feel off. There were many issues you needed to solve and the overall sensation was dreadful, especially during the eclipses. Thankfully, this is about to end and your professional future will resume with easier challenges and more rewards. The worst part is over. Your Tarot Card of the Day can reveal so much more. Check it here for free.


Predictions for the new Week – Taurus:

For many months you’ve been struggling with thoughts and feelings of impotency as if you are caged in a very dark place and you can’t move any further. You see, the part of your life – symbolized as the 9th solar house – is supposed to be your inspiration and your source of spiritual well-being. For half-a-year, this has been… delayed (I’m actually sugar-coating it a bit). Now, this darkness will gradually be lifted. YYour Tarot Card of the Day can reveal so much more. Check it here for free.


Predictions for the new Week – Gemini:

This has probably been a nightmare for you. As two major planets are focusing – in a bad way – in your 8th solar house, you’ve been through hell and back. This is what is all about. Mood-swings, delays and smaller or bigger catastrophes. However, you’ve managed to come out of it alive. Now you are ready to resume and move forward. Your Tarot Card of the Day can reveal so much more. Check it here for free.