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Your Horoscope for the New Moon in Sagittarius – 26 November 2019

General Predictions  for the New Moon in Sagittarius:

On November 26th, at  15:06  UT, the Moon meets the Sun, in  Sagittarius,  forming the New Moon.  This is the last fortnight before the Ecliptic Period. Since the first Eclipse (Solar) happens on the next New Moon, the Ecliptic Period starts on the coming Full Moon. Therefore, despite the few difficulties of this waxing Moon period, make the best out of it.

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During this period, Venus changes its zodiac and enters Capricorn, on the day of the New Moon, over half a day before the actual moment of the New Moon. Also, Jupiter leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn, on the 2nd of December. Then, Mercury enters Sagittarius, on the 9th of December. Also, on the 27th of November, at  12:32 UT, Neptune, after 5 months, turns back into direct motion, which will be very beneficial for our mood and emotional balance. Pluto is heavily active this whole year, just like the previous year, and it will be even more active the coming year, which – even when Plutonian activity is auspicious – cause s  much emotional imbalance.  So,  Neptune – in a constant hexagon with Pluto, since the mid-1940s and until 2037, and these “current” years powerful enough –  turning back in to direct motion will bring more harmony and stability in ourselves and in our relationships. And, finally, Chiron is getting ready to turn back into direct motion, as well,  a little less than a day after the moment of the coming Full Moon.

So, the astrological energies are changing rapidly, even before the Ecliptic Period, during this waxing Moon period.  Furthermore, this is a vast gathering of power in Capricorn, with two, then three, then four planets gathering there (not counting the passing of the Moon), interacting with other planets, too. Mind that, three of these planets are slow-moving.  Therefore,  Capricorn won’t have less than three planets in it, until the 16th  of December 2020  when Saturn, first, and Jupiter, a couple of days later, will leave the zodiac. Thus, a year of power starts, now, for Capricorn.


The inauspicious aspects of the New Moon :

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Mars, from Scorpio, opposes the Retrograde Uranus in Taurus. The accurate opposition took place on the 24th of November and, so, this aspect is losing power by the day, but slowly, and it will be active until the 9th of December. This can bring some tension, in the fields it affects for each zodiac and some difficulties in whatever changes we are trying to make. But it can’t stop our progress. Some extra caution when we are on the streets, though, will be advisable for everyone.

Also, the Sun from Sagittarius squares Neptune, in Pisces. Precisely so on the 8th of December, but the square will be active from the 28th of November until, barely, the 19th of December. During the whole period, Neptune will be in direct motion. This can cloud, occasionally our emotional and mental clarity, most likely, nothing more than that. When something stresses you, annoys you, depress you, or anything like that, avoid reacting. Re-evaluate the situation in the cold light of day and things will proceed more effectively and as painlessly as possible.

Other than these two strong enough inauspicious aspects, as well as some stress on Chiron and the Lunar Nodes (watch out for unpleasant Karmic lessons), only the Moon creates short-term stressful influences, which we analyze on our Daily Predictions articles.


The auspicious aspects of the New Moon:

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Venus is in conjunction with Jupiter. This conjunction was precise on the 24th of November, in Sagittarius and it will be active until the 5th of December when both planets will be in Capricorn. This conjunction helps the arts, love life, beautification, business of beautification, and it can also promote our health and well-being.

Also, Venus forms a triangle with the Retrograde Uranus, in Taurus. This triangle is active since the 21st of November and it will continue being active until the 9th of December. The accurate triangle is taking place on the 28th of November. This is a good opportunity to change our lives and make them more beautiful and more fulfilling. This, of course, includes our love lives. That’s even more important because of the coming Ecliptic Period and because Venus is also in a hexagon with Mars, in Scorpio. This hexagon will be accurate on the 3rd of December, but it’s already active and it will be active until the 21st of December, a day after Venus will have entered Aquarius.

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