Your Daily Predictions for Sunday, October 14, 2018

Your Daily Predictions for Tuesday, October 14 2

General Daily Predictions

Today, the Moon from Sagittarius forms a hexagon with the Sun in Libra. Then it goes void of course from 00:58 until 19:16 UT. Then from Capricorn it triangles the Retrograde Uranus in Taurus.

So, this is going to be a mostly good day. The long void of course period is probably its biggest disadvantage.

Taurus, Capricorn, and the Sagittarius and Libra will be the luckiest zodiacs of the day.

Daily Predictions for Aries:

Some things may not go exactly the way you want them to go, but what will actually come to pass can very well be an even better development, after a calmer consideration. This is especially true for career matters and money deals. Avoid, though, important steps and deals during the void of course Moon, if possible.

Daily Predictions for Taurus:

Try to focus on work matters early in the day and on your personal goals later on. This can bring successful results to both aspects of your day. The only challenge is to conserve sufficient energy for your personal goals.

Daily Predictions for Gemini:

Love life seems quite lucky and joyful today. This will be true both for those in a relationship and for those seeking one. Also, especially later in the day, your magical and spiritual powers become quite strong.

Daily Predictions for Cancer:

Both taking care of your home’s and personal needs and of your work are supported by the stars, today. Discussing your plans with your colleagues, partners and clients, where the latter is applicable, can help you achieve even better results.

Daily Predictions for Leo:

You are starting the day full of energy and probably with some enthusiasm and the day seems to nurture this good feeling. Later on, your mind focuses more on career matters and the everyday things you need to take care of, and you do take care of those quite efficiently.

Daily Predictions for Virgo:

This day is calmingly beneficial for work matters. It’s also helpful for taking care of your home’s and family’s needs. Even more, as it proceeds it probably becomes happier. This is especially true for those in a long distance relationship and those working on a creative project.

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