Your Daily Predictions for Saturday, 01 September 2018



Daily Predictions for Leo:

All work and career matters still receive support. Maybe not as bright and strong as yesterday, but it is still a good day. Preparation type of work is more supported than sales and presentations. Your sense of understanding on the matter may not be very good, so pay attention to the details. Family business may become a little more stressful.



Daily Predictions for Virgo:

Although travelling and transportations can have some difficulties, they can give you what you want, whether it’s for work or enjoyment. Nonetheless, be a little more cautious, especially if you are driving. Love life can be quite enjoyable too, more for those in a relationship than for those seeking one.



Daily Predictions for Libra:

Money can become a bit challenging, but not really problematic, although it may seem so at first glance. In fact, the difficulties there can become the reason for a better financial condition in the long run. Health, and especially emotional health, receives therapeutic energies.



Daily Predictions for Scorpio:

This is not a good day for business meetings, hiring personnel, asking for a pay rise and things like those. Bosses can become quite pressing and stressful, too. Jobs based on phones, emails and the like, paradoxically, can become quite productive, although they can be tiresome, too. Finally, love life looks good and if a healing is necessary there, this day can become extra helpful.



Daily Predictions for Sagittarius:

Work proceeds nicely. Money, quite so, too. People owning you money are more likely to return it today, as well. It doesn’t hurt to ask for it. In some case this will be necessary. Your mood, though, may not be on top condition. Also, studies can become quite stressful.