Your Daily Predictions for Monday, March 18, 2019


Daily Predictions for Libra:

Trade, both of goods and of services, receives both beneficial and stressful influences. Avoiding risky investments and openings is advisable. Also, if you are the client, make sure you purchase what you need. Studies and skill development receive much support.

Daily Predictions for Scorpio:

Work seems to be quite stressful. It can become quite chaotic, too. Nonetheless, it will be productive and profitable. Researching a future expansion, applying for a new job or school, searching for a new job and similar activities receive support, too.

Daily Predictions for Sagittarius:

Trade and studies receive some stressful energies. Work, in general, does so, too, but not as strong ones. Other than that, though, this day will be mostly pleasant. You can make it more than just pleasant if you put some effort towards that end.

Daily Predictions for Capricorn:

This can become quite a stressful day, but it will be an educative one, as well. It intends to teach you how to make yourself happier. This kind of lessons can easily be unpleasant, paying attention and receiving the information can help you in creating long-term happiness.

Daily Predictions for Aquarius:

Friends and acquaintances can become quite helpful and supportive. Finding the people you need amongst your social circle or their social circles, is possible, too. In the same time, though, they can cause you some stress. Family and your special someone can also do the same.

Daily Predictions for Pisces:

Work receives some stressful energies. Those working with fire, metal, heat or electricity as well as those doing some dangerous kind of job or hobby, should be even more careful. Despite the stressful energies, though, the strongest energies are positive ones. Finding a new, or a better job, as well as achieving some progress in your job are both possible.