Your Daily Predictions for Monday, 02 July 2018

Your Daily Predictions for Monday, 02 July 2018

General Daily Predictions: Today the Moon will be void of course until 17:31 UT when it enters Pisces. Then, from Pisces, it forms a hexagon with Uranus in Taurus.

So, this will be a relatively good and calm day. The greatest challenge will probably be the fact that there will be an inner motivation to create changes in ourselves and our lives even before the end of the void of course Moon period. Despite the void of course Moon, though, and the many retrograde planets, we are – even if barely – in an Ecliptic Period, so I wouldn’t light-heartedly advice against initiating any change, even during the void of course Moon. Of course, though, be careful, be wise and be ready for some difficulties.

Pisces, Taurus and probably Capricorn will be the luckiest zodiacs of the day. Aquarius, Leo, and probably Virgo will be the less lucky ones.


Daily Predictions for Aries:

Your financial intuition is rather strong, today. Not as much for gambling, though, as for taking the right decisions, even “accidentally” so. Improving your financial planning, finding ways to increase your income or decrease unnecessary expenses and things like those are possible. But even when this kind of things isn’t necessary, a gentle good luck on the matter will be by your side.


Daily Predictions for Taurus:

The whole Waning Moon period probably tries to work with your socializing and today this influence will be in action. Realisations of what is not quite right in your social life and also some good luck there can both manifest.


Daily Predictions for Gemini:

This is a good day for gambling. As always, though, keep in mind that the stars raise your odds, but they don’t guarantee your winning. So, play wisely and carefully. Also, some pleasant developments may happen regarding your job or career. Especially so if it is of an artistic nature.


Daily Predictions for Cancer:

Studies of every kind receive beneficial influences. This includes self-learning, and even school or subject researching and selecting. If the latter is your case, then you may even find yourself selecting a school, or a subject, you wouldn’t expect just a while ago.


Daily Predictions for Leo:

This is a most pleasant day regarding your financial and career matters. Changes there, small or not so small, can happen. Although they’ll be most beneficial, in some cases they may not appear as so at first glance. Job seekers can have a lucky day.


Daily Predictions for Virgo:

Love life receives some beneficial influences. This will influence more the steady relationships and the long-distance ones. This blessing, though, can appear with a negative face for unhealthy relationships. Business partnerships receive similar influences, just not as strong.


Daily Predictions for Libra:

Work may take much of your time and energy today, but it will be a satisfactory experience, most likely. If you want to achieve a change in your working conditions, this can also happen today. This affects those seeking a new job, but not as strongly. It mostly affects minor changes.

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