Your Daily Horoscope for Thursday 22 August 2019

Your Daily Horoscope for Thursday 8 August 2019

General Daily Predictions

Today, the Moon from Taurus squares Mercury in Leo. It also forms a hexagon with the Retrograde Neptune, in Pisces, and a triangle with each the Retrograde Saturn and the Retrograde Pluto, both in Capricorn. Furthermore, from 21:32 UT until 14:33 UT of the 23rd the Moon will be void of course.

So, this will be a mostly good day with some stressful points.

Pisces and Capricorn will be the luckiest zodiacs of the day. Leo will be the one receiving the most stress.

Void of Course Moon for August 2019

The Moon has been having many long void of course periods, for some time now, and this still continues throughout Augustalthough, in a somewhat smaller scale. In order to help you plan ahead whatever the void of course Moon affects, you can find all the void of course Moon periods forAugust here.

Daily Predictions for Aries:

There may be some bad strokes of bad luck. In most cases, nothing more serious than some annoyances. Loosing some money because of them is also possible. Nonetheless, this is a good day for all money matters. Also, work receives quite supportive influences.

Daily Predictions for Taurus:

Hone and family can cause you some stress. Misunderstandings and communication problems can be the cause of it. Other than that, though, this is a mostly good day for you. Work receives some help, promotion, and self-promotion, too. Also, traveling is auspicious.

Daily Predictions for Gemini:

Stressful thinking can distract you, consume your energy and reduce your productivity. Therefore, try to avoid it. Work and career matters receive support. Decisions about them even more so. The same are true for money, as well.

Daily Predictions for Cancer:

This isn’t the best day for significant purchases and especially online ones. Work, on the other hand, receives good influences. Business meetings, job applications, and job interviews, especially so. Social life also seems pleasant.

Daily Predictions for Leo:

Business and career matters can receive some stress, today. Especially so if you are trying to change your line of career, or make a significant change in what you are doing. Nonetheless, the work seems more pleasant and successful than not. Successes in the field are quite possible, too.