Find Out Your Current Life’s Challenge: Choose a Symbol of Alchemists

If you have chosen the number 4, then your path is the most mysterious one. This is the path of Mercury, the Path of Hermes who is both A Healer, yet also carries the Souls to the Underworld. The mysteries of Life are presented to you from a very young age. You were somehow affected by something you saw, something you heard or experienced and since then you have never stopped looking for the truth. And you know what? You will never stop seeking the truth.

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This is the path of Travellers. The most versatile path. You are ‘bound’ to change and change again until you find the energy you are looking for. One of the most unique traits of your soul is that you get bored easily because in fact, what you are looking for, does not belong to this Plane. You are bound to look forever until you meet the Soulmate or the Energy you are thirsting for. Although you are the ones who can easily adapt in even the most extreme circumstances, you are constantly looking for a reason to travel and learn more.

  • Current Life’s Lesson: You should learn to rest and have fun!


5. Iron – the Path of Warriors & Stamina

Iron – the Path of Warriors & Stamina

If you have chosen the number 5, you have chosen the Path of Iron which is though to be the most ‘human’ of all as it is extremely common in all human race. This is the path that echoes the blessings and the faults of this Realm. It is addictive but can also provide protection. Iron is the metal of Mars. This is the path of Growth, Strife, Lust and Ambition.

From a very young age, you are ‘forced’ to fight for your life, to fight for existence and survival. Through loss and pain, you’ve developed a dominant and protective personality. Let me remind you that as this is believed to be the Metal we humans are mostly attuned to. Therefore, it represents all the fights and wars as well as the industrial revolution and the ‘conquering’ of the material world. This is why Fairies despise this metal. In other words, if you have chosen this Path, remember that this Plane is only an illusion. Therefore, you need to pay more attention and nurture your soul with more ‘feminine’ energies. Loosen up and open your heart to the Greatness of the Universe.

  • Current Life’s Lesson: You should learn to make peace (and most importantly with yourself).


6. Gold – the Path of God & Abundance

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Gold – the Path of God & Abundance

If you have chosen the number 6, you have chosen the most perfect and absolute path. The Path of Gold is the Path of God, the path of the Solar Deity. Some keywords for this Sigil would be, Patriarchy, Perfection, Beauty and Monarchy. This the path of Kings and Gods, therefore it is not easy for everyone else. Why? Because we are slaves of our need for perfection.

If you have chosen this path you deeply need to make everything right, banish all pain, sorrow, and poverty and live in a wonderful world. As you can easily understand this is no piece of cake and most of the followers of this path happen to ‘hate themselves’ for being too judgmental especial on themselves. However, through this Path, the Power of God awaits.

  • Current Life’s Lesson: You should learn to forgive (and most importantly yourself).


7. Copper – the Path of Enchanters and Charisma

Copper – the Path of Enchanters and Charisma

If you have chosen the number 7, you have actually chosen the path of Venus – Aphrodite, the path of Copper. This metal has always been associated with beauty and youthfulness along with creativity and artistic expression. Therefore, this metal was used to summon the energies of love and sensuality as well as beauty. This is the path of Enchanters as this is the metal particularly used in most spells even from the dawn of civilisation.

This is one of the sweetest paths of All. It teaches us that life is not only about power and dominance, but it’s about finding balance and beauty in all of us. Our world is full of flaws but is also a wonderful place if you know where to look at. This versatile metal (second only to Mercury) teaches us that we can change all we want, as long as keeping our hearts open to love and good vibes. We can bend, but we do not break.

  • Current Life’s Lesson: You should learn to accept (and most importantly yourself).
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