Your BEST And WORST Quality, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

BEST And WORST Quality

6. Virgo

Virgo at their best: Generous and gentle

Really good at doing what they love to do. Happy to spend time with people they like, generous and gentle, wise, gives great advice. Takes hints, makes great surprises, and knows how to comfort people. Full of life and they have great wit. The one that keeps you grounded. Honest and fair.

Virgo at their worst: Manipulative and self-pitying

Causing pain or worries to others to release themselves from it. They may be manipulative and self-pitying, exaggerating, and not really speaking up. They tend to make decisions they will regret later. They forget how clever they are or they doubt their skills and their intelligence and make themselves smaller than they are.


7. Libra

Libra at their best: Charming and spontaneous

A great supporter. Someone with an eye for beauty, a charming smile, and an amazing aura. They are funny, full of ideas, and spontaneous. Remember little things and can easily make others happy about what they love to do. Very creative, honest and they have a wild soul.

Libra at their worst: Moody and cold

Moody, not seeing themselves as the masterpiece they are. Letting everybody know how they feel. Cold and feeling incredibly bad about it. They just hide away from the world and won’t let anything come close to them. In pain just because they see all the flaws in their lives although there may not even be some.


8. Scorpio

Scorpio at their best: Passionate and strong-willed

Passionate, strong, strong-willed, skilled, and loving. They are full of secrets which is why they can keep secrets like no one else. An entire universe for themselves. They don’t care about limits but in a good way. They share their ideas and dreams and cheer others up.

Scorpio at their worst: Neglect others and reckless

Neglecting their friends, their family, their duties, and themselves. Reckless and not saying much about it. Things that usually fascinate them do not fascinate them anymore and they feel like nothing could ever make them smile again. Everything they love starts seeming so irrelevant to them.


9. Sagittarius

Sagittarius at their best: Open-minded and positive

Funny, uplifting, full of life, and good energy. They don’t care what anyone thinks of them, they will dance to loud music whenever they feel like it. They are open-minded and interested in things, prepared to stand up for what they believe in at any time.

Sagittarius at their worst: Depressed and angry

Feeling depressed and not able to explain it, express it, or talk about it. Over emotional and hot-tempered, about to explode although they don’t always know why. About to yell at someone for little things although they don’t want to. Tired of everything.


10. Capricorn

Capricorn at their best: Helpful and motivating

A guardian angel. Always there when you need them, glad to help. Caring for themselves and really moving things. Know how to use words and what to say in any situation. Working on something great, motivating others, taking care of people.

Capricorn at their worst: Sarcastic and bitter

Sarcastic and they just shut everything down. Maybe bitter over something, maybe making others upset, too. Seem to have given up. Not sure what to do or what to say. Doubting themselves deep down but not willing to admit it. Not showing any emotions.


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