My Beloved

My Beloved

So much far I have traveled from you
that I have forgotten my true abode.
I want to come back
but I don’t know the road.

Waiting I pray that I will reach,
hoping that it won’t take so long.
Reach where I had started.
Yes, reach where I belong.

Done with this world
which hates my side.
You are my beloved
now become my bride.

Why this changing world
which is never still.
I take refuge in you
dying to become your will.

You have given me your taste,
now give me all more.
I am ready to die
make me your lore.

I can hear you coming,
can wait no more.
I will come running
just open the door.

You are my love,
the one I seek.
You are the reason,
the reason I become meek.

Your twinkling eyes
I can see the light.
I know you behind
that’s why I am bright.

Dancing your way
I am reaching skies.
You are the path.
You are the prize.

-By Chetan H Harjani

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