You make lists in your head about what you want

“You make lists in your head about what you want in a lover, like brown hair and a sweet voice. A sharp mind and a soft heart, a sense of humor that actually makes you laugh like you mean it. This and that. And it’s all bullshit. Because people aren’t lists. And I’ve always wanted to be the person who made someone realize that. I want to come across someone with a list in their head that is nothing like the person 1 ant, and I want to show them what they didn’t even know they were looking for. People who think they know what they want are fooling themselves. Nobody really knows what they want. Not until it’s right in front of them.”

Do you know what you want ?

20 thoughts on “You make lists in your head about what you want”

  1. They do have a place and a meaning too. But most oftenly they are calculations, that set a standard for everythjng. I am in a moment, I need to enjoy it – but the mind first compares it to the benchmarks and then lets us feel. To be happt or not to be.

    1. I was about to write. Its never too late. But yes I realise, theres a time for everything. And yes with time what we want changes too. Dig deep, now you might just be wanting something else from life

  2. People may not always know what they want . But most of us draw a painting in our imaginary word which may be our passively active mind which suits our personality and nature. When heart and ear finds melody in soft swwet voice, when beautiful dark eyes fly my heart in deep tranquillity, when sense humour rejuvinate my mind , I love to carry those lists in my heart and in my mind to find my soulmate. But "stuffed men, leaning together head filled with straw or completely indifferent about what heart and soul wants to love can choose anybody everybody without discretion.

  3. No list <3

    We either connect or we don't, because if you get everybody on your list it may not work out either… it's the mind and the soul and the heart connection <3

  4. I don't completely agree. When you've spent time and effort in getting to know and love yourself, you know what qualities people need to possess for you to feel good around them. Of course, we're multifaceted and our shadow sides need to be embraced but for me Kindness and Generosity are non negotiables.

  5. Interesting concept. I feel verbalizing and recognizing attributes that are appealing is conscious representation of some self-evaluation. Intangibles are presented but overall, reality is a mix of imagination, projections, experiences, processing, discoveries. It would not be helpful to disregard one for another, they all have place and meaning.

  6. i don't make a list of what i want in a person…you never know until that person has touched your mind, heart and soul then magic begins…you can't even explain in your rational mind why you like or want this person…but you can feel it in your heart. Sometimes there are certain things that the mind can't understand but the heart does.

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