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You Know This Feeling
You know this feeling? The feeling of knowing that it is okay to choose to walk alone for a while but still wondering why you keep reaching for a spare hand to hold. Knowing that being alone is not lonely, but why does it feel that way sometimes? Knowing that you can express all and every kindness to yourself, just as much as any other person could express to you. Knowing that your love is enough. And it is. But you still find yourself missing the smallest of things that past love gave to you. And You know those small things are not everything, but why do they seem like everything at some points? This is the feeling I’m talking about. The feeling of lack. The feeling of not enough. Self-love is hard, man. Please be kind and loving to yourself. This releases everything. These tiny small things that you miss are not a reflection of the lack of love in your life. Because there is no lack of love in your life. Take a look at the sky next time the sun goes down. There are so many stars up there, a thing that I find crazy hard to get my head around. Just so many damn stars. An endless starry sky, a universe lacking nothing. And from that stems absolutely everything in your life. So remind yourself, next time you’re fighting off this feeling, that when you do fall in love in the future, it will come from a place of abundance, not a place of lack.
– Take a look at the sky
– seekerpoetry

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Megan Margery

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