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You have your way. I have my way – Mind Talk

You have your way. I have my way - Mind Talk

You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist. – ― Friedrich Nietzsche

I completely agree with Friedrich Nietzsche, what he said is the truth. Most of us spend so much of our time trying to convince the other person that our way is the right way when it is just our way.

We all move through life looking through our own lens. In fact it is said that we don’t see the world the way it is. We see it the way we are, individually. So if we see the world only from our own perspective, then how can we practice tolerance of people who often don’t resemble anything familiar to our own set of understandings or beliefs? By not judging.

Judgment is simply intolerance of the way something or someone appears. It is putting our own set of values and conditions upon another. And when we do that we judge ourselves at the same time. When you judge someone, you are saying that they don’t look or behave exactly like the way you have been conditioned to believe they should.

Before being critical of someone or something, pause and remind yourself that . when you judge others, you judge yourself. There are many ways in this world. There is a way that works for you and respect the ways of others.

–  PennyTung

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