Why You Have To Choose Her Everyday Or Leave Her

Why You Have To Choose Her Everyday Or Leave Her

From my years of experience, I have learnt the biggest lesson of my life – to always choose the woman I love over anything and everything else. 

Ask yourself,

Why are you choosing your partner today? 


If you can’t instantly answer yourself, dig deeper. Ask yourself why her over other women? You might just find out that you really love her.

Keeping asking yourself every day, why it’s her? Why you chose her? One day you might find out what you have buried under your rage, pride, and ego – the precious gift that she is.

Relationships are never perfect. They come with their unique share of vices. But if you chose her, in the first place, you should know why she is so much better, so much more beautiful, so much more lovable and so much more compatible with you compared to any other woman.

But if you are feeling disconnected, see no hope for you both, or your relationship is being strangulated, let her go. Give her the chance to start afresh, choose enthusiastically and live a life of love and happiness.

You and her, you both deserve to be at peace. Choose her already or just let her go. 

You too, choose wisely.

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