Sweetheart, Let Me Tell You Something

Sweetheart Let Me Tell You Something

Sweetheart, let me tell you something no teenager ever believes, but I guarantee you it’s the absolute truth. You fall in love more than once. It will happen again. It will be just as amazing and extraordinary as the first time and maybe just as painful. But it’ll happen again. I promise. But until then, be your own anchor. – Melissa

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  1. Unconditional love you feel or you feel not.
    It’s a state of being not depending on others.
    If you love unconditional you love everyone and everything on earth and the universe because you know all is one.
    So that doesn’t mean you love everyone the same.
    It just means that your love spectrum is at a spiritual level and you see yourself in almost everything you meet.
    Looking deep into someones eyes you see the universe and your reflection and that is what your surroundings are literally. A mirror.
    Love is energy and energy is everything…

  2. Love can happen in many forms..
    My love is constantly evolving whether it’s through soulmate bestfiend,child or animal..
    Love is unconditional from heart and the soul..

  3. I had to disagree with this post.

    Unconditional Love in its purest sense happens as many times as you have children or animal companions.

    Outside of that its discovery may be forced on you through a soul mate connection or through blood relatives.
    Soulmates and Twin Flames are far far rarer than Unconditional Love.
    Unconditional Love is more a deep feeling discovered through philosophic and emotional exploration than anything else.
    You can apply it to everyone.

  4. I never believed in twin souls. I always thought that there is a good match during a specific time period. (Hopefully that can last a long time….or not). As people change, relationships change too. If you dont't take care of it, the relation will turn bad. But I believe in unconditional love. I have been there (still am) for a man I will never have. I never had this before.

    I have been married twice and the present marriage is a bad one.

    I have been in love both times. But it never really worked out.

  5. Unconditional love your teacher is one you least expect , some time's in learning you have to go back to basics . your child when there born until there grown, express unconditional love, the loveing care you give them with out thinking you do on instinct, as in love your love for your partner should be no different , you all have this when you look to your mother if someone trys to blemish her name instinct kicks in as a natural reaction, as your love shall be if its truely in your heart and soul for your better half treat it as such love nurcher care respect protect, take care of relentless, cause if you truely love thay become part of that bloodline your reactions should come naturally if you have to think your heart ain't in it .

  6. love has vibers, has roots and veins to pass nutrients……. lov then depends on how you nurture and mould. it can die, start new life or regenerate….. depending on the condition you expose it to.

  7. ideologist en fathers in the institution of love……. as i can quote Johnson mwakazi"" if you lov someone he doesn't lov you in return jst believe that its growing in you"" lov comes to those who seem disapointed for God allows us to meet wrong people b4 meeting the right one so as we can know how we can apreciate the gift of lov

  8. I am not sure if love or anything for that matter can be unconditional, perhaps a better way to state it is less conditional. Does it happen once or many times? I think it depends on what one believes. If one believes it happens only once, it likely that it would. A person who believes that it happens many times, would likely experience it many times. It seems people close off and dwell in pain when their expectations of love are not fulfilled or not met. I believe love is within us, no one can take or give, only encourage it to surface or to be hidden.

  9. Better think of unconditional love amidst conditionalconditional&dutifull life ie spend some time together with all intimacy &even sexual romantic postures without any talks of daily life problemes chores with all smile &no worrying parts .you need 15-20minutes of all intimate togetherness or love moments which could have impact for few days ,occasional separation &then again meeting with intimate zeal without any space for selfishness parts of life .i mean there can never be pure love without dutiful life .you have to explore unconditional love or intimate togetherness in normal monotonous life -kksharma ,M.Sc.Tech

    1. in the midst of the conversation i found that he hates queers, thinks niggers are idiots and people that do not agree with his cncept of a god of love are going to hell.

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