You Don’t Have To Be Productive To Be Worth Something

You don't have to be productive to be worth something

You don’t have to be productive to be worth something. Doing more doesn’t make you better or smarter or more valuable. And taking a break doesn’t make you lazy. It makes you human. No one can endlessly work without needing time to decompress. No one is always going and doing and creating. Every person needs quiet moments and slow days. Days when you don’t have the energy to do anything more than just exist. And you’re allowed that. You’re allowed to rest. You’re allowed to slow down and breathe. To have days where you aren’t working towards some greater purpose or plan. Resting is productive in its own right. You can’t be successful if you’re running on empty. And you can’t give the best version of yourself if you ‘re constantly neglecting your self-care. There’s strength in being someone who honors what they need to cope and survive. Strength in honoring your seasons and giving yourself permission to shed everything you’re carrying for a moment so that you can bloom at a later time. You deserve to rest if you need it. You deserve to have days reserved for doing nothing. Even if other people with your same struggles did more. Even if you “could have” pushed yourself a little harder. Even if you took a break yesterday. Whatever you manage to do today is enough. No matter what, you’re enough.

Daniell Koepke

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