You Come Home, Make Some Tea

You Come Home, Make Some Tea

You come home,
make some tea,
sit down in your armchair,
and all around there’s silence.
Everyone decides for themselves
whether that’s loneliness
or freedom.

41 thoughts on “You Come Home, Make Some Tea”

  1. “Which is worth more, a crowd of thousands,
    or your own genuine solitude?
    Freedom, or power over an entire nation?

    A little while alone in your room
    will prove more valuable than anything else
    that could ever be given you.”
    Rumi <3

  2. Living alone does not mean loneliness. Everyone needs alone time. With a good set of headphones I have always spent 45 minutes or the length of a good CD I enjoy, even while raising 2 children. All need 2 let stress out & rejuvenate ur body.

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